DSM's full range of material solutions no longer confuses the selection of automotive thermal management systems

The Royal Dutch company DSM, a global scientific company active in the fields of health, nutrition and materials, offers a full range of innovative material solutions for automotive thermal management systems. DSM material experts can be tailored to meet the specific needs of customers, including DSM. Akulon ® (PA66) , EcoPaXX® (PA 410) , XytronTM (PPS ) with ForTii® (PPA ) Quickly and accurately select the most appropriate material portfolio among the many innovative materials within the company, enabling the implementation of complex thermal management system material selection 'One stop' .

Automotive thermal management is an integrated concept. If it is decomposed into parts and components, it is a very large topic; if we further specify the selection of different parts, it will be even more complicated. For example, due to the increasing engine space Small, the engine power is getting stronger, and the temperature in the engine compartment is getting higher and higher, so the temperature resistance of the plastic parts in the structure is more and more demanding; In addition, the antifreeze used in the cooling system is for plastic parts. The statement is also a big challenge. How to quickly select the right materials according to the different requirements of different parts becomes a problem that the entire vehicle manufacturer and auto parts manufacturers need to face together.

Leading supplier of innovative material solutions DSM's material experts have worked with automotive manufacturers for many years and have a deep understanding of the interrelationships between multiple components in automotive thermal management systems, according to the specific needs of customers, from Includes DSM Akulon® (PA66), EcoPaXX® (PA 410), Xytron TMQuickly and accurately select the most suitable material solution combination among the many innovative materials including (PPS) and ForTii® (PPA), enabling the selection of a complex thermal management system to achieve 'one stop'.

In the selection of automotive thermal management modules and pumps (electrically controlled, mechanical) impellers, housings, DSM Xytron TM(PPS) is undoubtedly an option that can meet many demanding performance requirements. Its long-term working temperature of up to 240°C, excellent resistance to hydrolysis, chemical resistance, dimensional stability (low warpage) and natural flame retardancy make High Temperature Zone' for Xytron TMIt is completely a 'comfort zone'. In addition, Xytron TMIt is also a high flow, low flash and easy mold release material, which can fully meet the automotive industry's need for material design flexibility and ease of processing.

The engine water valve and thermostat housing are the key application areas of ForTii® (PPA). In these applications PPA replaces metal aluminum. On the one hand, it reduces costs due to the reduction of secondary processing, and on the other hand, it can achieve weight reduction. ForTii® (PPA) 5000 hours of long-term use temperature up to 180 °C, and still have good mechanical strength and impact resistance at high temperatures. ForTii® (PPA) was tested using the ISO 527 standard, the results show that ForTii® (PPA) Can withstand long-term antifreeze soaking, and still maintain high tensile properties. For processing, ForTii® (PPA) provides a wide molding process window, its good flow properties, making the part of the wall thickness Designed to be thinner. With thin-wall design, ForTii® (PPA) can shorten the production cycle time of parts by 25-40%. The ForTii® product family also contains halogen-free flame-retardant grades and hydrolysis-resistant grades to meet different requirements. Working conditions for material requirements.

DSM has also developed EcoPaXX® (PA 410), a bio-based engineering plastic for automotive thermal management systems. This 70% polyamide 410 derived from renewable materials has been successfully used in water-cooled water pipe fittings. EcoPaXX® It has all the traditional advantages of 'long-chain polyamides', including low hygroscopicity and excellent chemical resistance. Its melting point is highest in all bio-based polyamides, up to 250oC, and its crystallization rate is fast. In addition, the mobility of EcoPaXX® Moderate, thus improving the design flexibility of the part.

In general applications of thermal management systems, Akulon® (PA66) is fully qualified to provide customers with optimized material solutions that balance performance and cost.