Mobile Security Fortress | The Most Recommended Safety Phone Recommendation

With the increasing closeness of mobile Internet and life, mobile phones as a tool for us to connect to the world have become increasingly prominent in security issues. In particular, we have installed a lot of payment software on our mobile phones, and it is not uncommon for mobile phone information to leak and cause property damage. In this way, it is better to exchange a mobile phone with high security performance to protect information security from the source. The following Sina mobile phone introduces several of the most worthwhile security mobile phones for everyone. Recently, friends who plan to purchase may wish to pay attention.

Jin M7

Reference price: 2299 yuan

When it comes to mobile phone security, we have to mention the pioneer in this field - Jin Li. As the main business group of Jin Li, in order to further protect the privacy of consumers, launched a yet another paragraph of a very safe mobile phone. And Jin Li M7, this is Jin Li's new masterpiece for safety.

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Gionee M7 uses a 6:1 full-screen 6.01 inch design, resolution up to 2160x1080, the screen occupies 85%. Configuration, Jinli M7 uses HelioP30 eight-core processor, supplemented by 6GB RAM+64GB ROM, and equipped with 4000mAh capacity battery Photographs, Jin M7 uses 16 million pixels + 8 million pixels rear dual camera, pre-800 million pixels. In terms of color, provide shade black, maple red, blue sapphire, star blue, champagne gold five kinds of color.

Click picture to see Jinli M7 details

Gionee M7 is not only a full screen, but also has multiple highlights such as security, photographing and configuration. As an old line of Gionee mobile phones, security is increasingly important for today's smart phones, Gionee M7 is in communication security, data security and payment There are achievements in the three security areas of security. The Jinli M7 contains two completely independent security chips, including data security encryption chips and payment security encryption chips. For the current development of smart phones, mobile phones are increasingly used as replacement wallets. Become a mainstream trading tool for many people. Jinli M7 realizes hardware encryption protection for payment, supplemented by fingerprint encryption 2.0, which adds security to the user's property safety. In addition, Jinli M7 supports face recognition function, which can be used to unlock mobile phones and applications. Not only that, Jin M7 also supports brush bus card function.

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