Environmental stress! The recycled plastics industry needs more efforts

Recently, Procter & Gamble stated that it is accelerating the development of production technology for recycled plastics. It is understood that this technology in the future can bring positive impact on the environment and society, and create certain value for enterprises and consumers.

Regarding this technology, Procter & Gamble declared: 'We are adopting a local technology that removes color, odor and pollutants from recycled PP to improve innovation in plastic recycling.' Chief Technical Officer Caser said: 'This technology The ability to revolutionize the plastics recycling industry enables Procter & Gamble and companies around the world to utilize the source of recycled plastics and provide almost the same performance as raw materials in a wide range of applications. 'This new production recovery technology for recycled plastics companies It will be a blessing. For the recycled plastics industry, it will be a new development opportunity.

The term “recycled plastic” refers to plastic materials that are obtained by processing waste plastics through physical or chemical methods such as pretreatment, melt granulation, modification, etc., which are the reuse of plastics. Currently related equipment—plastics Granulators and plastic pelletizers are widely used in the waste plastic recycling industry and are popular among users. They are mainly used for the processing of waste plastic films, woven bags, beverage bottles, furniture and other daily necessities. In addition, the plastic dewatering machine that automatically removes plastics after crushing and cleaning, the plastic crusher that recycles waste plastics and the recycling of factory scraps, the plastics washing machine that cleans waste plastic products, and the household waste plastics, etc., are all recycled plastics. Indispensable equipment.

At present, although new breakthroughs have been made in the development of recycled plastics, there are still many challenges in the path of environmental protection. As a key target of the government's environmental supervision, recycled plastics companies, the environmental protection sector has put a lot of pressure on them. With supervision, how should we deal with the increasingly serious environmental pollution problems?

In fact, the root cause of this problem is that the recycled plastics companies have not yet established a perfect new order. For the recycled plastics industry, establishing a new order is a big challenge. However, as an important part of the recycling industry, recycling is urgently needed in the industry. Establish a new order of their own, and then use this as a basis for the unique role of the industry.

First of all, in terms of technical equipment, enterprises need to accelerate innovation and upgrading. It is understood that the traditional granulation profit margin is only 100-500 yuan / ton, and after technical improvement, the profitability can be significantly increased to 300-1000 yuan / ton. The equipment used for recycling recycled plastics - waterless cleaning and recycling equipment, can effectively save costs. The cost per ton of waterless cleaning is 30% lower than the cost of traditional cleaning.

Secondly, in terms of production recovery, companies need to adopt source recovery and intensive production measures. Under the premise of paying attention to the source recovery link, the recycled plastics industry needs to be scaled up from the workshop to the scale and standardized transformation. As a recycled plastics enterprise, it should be fully reasonable. Utilize existing resources, comprehensively consider the economic and social benefits of renewable resources in the recycling process, so that the maximum cost can be obtained in exchange for the minimum cost.

The road is long and arduous. Recycling plastics companies need to constantly explore their own development path. The flowers on the road ahead will encourage the development of recycled plastics companies. The thorns on the road ahead will inspire reform and innovation in recycled plastics companies. The path of flowers and thorns coexist will enable the entire industry of recycled plastics to produce even more fruit.