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Obviously, the skills of the race car driver are an important part of the competitive advantage in Formula One World Championships. But it is no exaggeration to say that the work in the behind-the-scenes track and manufacturing plant is also very important. To ensure the best car performance State, there is a lot of work to be done: aerodynamic tests in the wind tunnel, monitoring of various sensors on the car, and running virtual simulations and analyses. There are many data to track, all these data need to be stored, and to ensure No matter when, no matter where the team is playing, they can visit at any time.

The importance of the data center in the game

The Aston Martin Red Bull Racing has about 700 employees. A weekend event requires about 60 employees to participate in the competition. But this does not mean that others can rest on weekends. During the weekend races, the team of engineers and mechanics must Work outside the factory to provide remote support. Gary French, data center manager of the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team, is responsible for ensuring that the data center operates 24/7. The significance of his work is to ensure that all participating players can have important data. keep in touch.

French said: Throughout the year, especially during weekend events, we must ensure that the data center operates as efficiently and flexibly as possible. In past events, we experienced the trouble of damaging data center performance due to power interruptions. Despite these troubles, There are no serious consequences, but they do inspire us to find ways to find these troubles as early as possible.

Extensive cooperation with FLIR

FLIR Systems has been an innovative partner of the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team since 2014. Initially, FLIR supported the team by collecting racing temperature data, but the cooperation quickly expanded to other areas. The team will be FLIR thermal imager and test The measurement equipment is used for the thermal management of the company's other assets and wind tunnels. The team also uses FLIR's end-to-end security solutions to monitor the internal and external safety of the factory through the combination of thermal imaging and visual security cameras. It turns out that this This type of partnership is highly productive.

French said: 'FLIR products are used in all parts of the team. With our partnership, we have easily obtained effective advice and which thermal imager can be better used in the data center. Finally, we have chosen FLIR ONE. Pro. '

FLIR ONE Pro - the most suitable tool for preventing potential dangers

The main challenge for the data center is how to prevent & manage power and cooling issues. These issues are usually not visible unless the right tools are chosen to highlight the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. French says: 'Our newest data center has advanced power. Supply and temperature monitoring, but this does not highlight the poor electrical connections that are heating up, may cause potential fire, or the installation of problematic hardware that causes hot air circulation.

To monitor these potential risks, French and his team needed to use a small/simple thermal imager to perform basic visual inspections of the data center infrastructure in order to detect major safety hazards in a timely manner.

French said: 'When FLIR ONE Pro appeared in front of us, we were immediately attracted. Small size and light weight allow you to put it in your pocket, whenever you need it, you can take it out immediately to check the electrical and airflow. The problem. The quality of the thermal image allows us to visualize any issue and immediately submit a budget request for remedial work. Integration with smartphones allows us to easily share potential issues immediately.

FLIR ONE Pro has demonstrated its value to French and its team. French concluded: 'Looking forward to the future, to reduce the risk of power and cooling problems, I hope to initiate periodic hot spot inspections, which will also increase the focus on areas of concern. Visual management. '