'Two-vote system' | Policy, breakthrough adjustment in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

Medical Network May 14th, May 8th, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, the Health Commission issued "on the further specification of the temporary can not implement the 'two-vote system' drugs, medical supplies for the record procurement work" (hereinafter referred to as "notice").
With the release of this notice, Taiyuan has landed drug , Consumables 'two-vote system' policy, to some extent adjusted.
In March of last year, seven departments including the Taiyuan Medical Reform Office jointly issued the "Taiyuan Public Medical Institution Drugs, Medical Supplies Procurement 'Two-vote System' Implementation Regulations (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Detailed Rules"), requiring the municipalities to be public Medical institutions started implementing the 'two-vote system' on April 1, 2017.
Among them, on June 1, 2017 drugs must fully implement the 'two-vote system'. On September 30, 2017, high-value medical consumables implement the 'two-vote system'. On March 31, 2018, medical consumables were fully implemented with the 'two-vote system'. .
After the drug and consignment 'two-vote system' have been on the ground for a short period of time, the new “Notice” issued by the Taiyuan City Health and Development Planning Commission, compared with the previous “Detailed Rules,” may not implement the 'two-vote system' There have been some changes.
The "Rules" of March last year stipulated that for the three types of drugs, consumables may not implement the 'two-vote system', including:
I. Emergency response to natural disasters, major outbreaks, major emergencies and patient emergency (grab) rescue and other special circumstances, emergency procurement of medical supplies or countries medicine Reserve medicines, medical consumables, can be specially treated, and filed with the health and family planning administrative department within one week.
Second, the clinically necessary but relatively small amount of drugs, medical consumables, can also be specially treated, but must be reported in advance to the health and family planning administrative department for approval.
3. The circulation of anesthetic drugs and psychotropic drugs of the first type is still subject to the current state regulations.
The "Notice" issued last week, for the above-mentioned first type of drugs, consumables, the medical institutions to re-submit the filing time of the procurement procedures, from the 'one week after the event' to '10 days after the event'.
According to the “Notice” for the above-mentioned second type of drugs, the provisions for consumables are adjusted to:
Due to the wide variety of products, the use of smaller quantities or imports, etc., can't be implemented for the 'two-vote system' and clinically necessary medicines, medical consumables, and implementation of filing and procurement.
Between the old and new regulations, a change in terms is: In addition to the relatively small amount of clinically urgently needed drugs, consumables, and various types of issues, importation and other issues can also become a reason for medical institutions not to implement the 'two-vote system' temporarily.
In its own national version of the drug 'two-vote system', only two types of products that do not implement the 'two-vote system' are stipulated, and drugs that are clinically necessary but with less use are not included in the scope of exemption.
Taiyuan, Shaanxi, Gansu, etc. represented in the local landing policy, included clinically necessary but less intensive drugs within the scope of the “two-vote system”. These places are considered to be beyond the national version limit. typical.
The introduction of the new "Notice" means that Taiyuan's policy has further adjusted its breakthrough.
This adjustment will give medical institutions more room for relaxation on the 'two-vote system'. The reason for this is to better protect the clinical drug use of medical institutions, and to meet the demand for consumption in order to avoid individual shortages. .
Another adjustment is: For this type of drug consumables that are not currently subject to the 'two-vote system', prior requests must be submitted to the Guardianship Department for review and approval in advance. The new requirement is to implement record-based procurement.
The "Notice" clarifies the principle, main body, procedures and regulatory measures for filing and procurement.
Filing of the purchase shall follow the procedures of the 'clinic department's filing for procurement of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, department directors signing opinions, pharmacy or equipment section for qualification review, hospital leaders signing opinions, and submitting to the city's drug equipment management center for record review and implementation of procurement'.
The "Notice" also clearly states that public hospital To control the filing purchase The types and quantities of medicines and medical consumables shall be prevented from appearing for the irrational use of the purchased pharmaceuticals and medical consumables. The Municipal Drug Administration Center shall supervise the purchase of the records.
This means that although some drugs and consumables may not be used for the implementation of the 'two-vote system', their purchase and use are also subject to strict restrictions.
So, this is to increase the size of the mouth and solve the shortage problem while also avoiding the risk of being drilled.
Since the State Council's Medical Reform Office issued the "Implementation Opinions (Trial Implementation) on the Implementation of the 'Two-vote System' for Drug Purchase in Public Medical Institutions in January 2017, it has been nearly a year and a half passed, and the 'two-vote system' for drugs has been fully implemented. Spread out.
Consumables 'two-vote system', there is no national version document, but some provinces and cities have already landed first, and more places are joining the ranks.
With the implementation of the 'two-vote system' in depth, some issues have emerged one after another. This includes the problem of shortage of supply of medicines. Since last year, there have been repeated voices, and the state may have to implement some 'two-vote system' implementation policies. Adjustments. There are also voices saying that the relevant adjustment policy is expected to be introduced in the first half of this year.
The 'two-vote system' policy adjustment is better to meet actual needs and more feasible. This is a common voice from the industry. What Taiyuan does is only local self-adjustment, or does it have more incentives?