Ministry of Science and Technology: Medical Devices Break Through Six Major Technologies | Develop 9 Products

On May 14th, May 10th, in order to accelerate the development of biotechnology and biotechnology industry, the Ministry of Science and Technology formulated and issued the “13th Five-Year Plan for Special Biotechnology Innovation” document, which proposes to China's biotechnology field by 2020. To achieve the overall goal of 'run in' and part of 'leadership', which needs to focus on supporting areas in the deployment of biomedical engineering and medical devices.
According to the documents of the Ministry of Science and Technology, seizing the strategic commanding heights of the biotechnology and biotechnology industries and building the country’s core scientific and technological competitiveness and industrial advantages are of great importance. They have a bearing on the overall situation and have a long-term bearing.
Since the 12th Five-Year Plan, biotechnology applications and achievements have been transformed to provide effective protection for improving people's well-being, including the world's first bio-engineering cornea developed independently, and medical device products 'Ai Shin Hitomi' and other products have been launched.
Different from the past, the plan is very emphatic and the principle is very clear - the Ministry of Science and Technology proposed that the basic principles of innovation planning are: Stick to major issues, adhere to independent innovation, adhere to advanced deployment, and adhere to lead.
In terms of goals, we will focus on developing 20-30 leading new technologies, developing 30-50 major strategic new products, and breaking through 50-80 major application key technologies to promote the establishment of basic generic countries in the field of biotechnology. standard , to greatly increase the level of biotechnology.
At the same time build 10-20 bio-products worth 10 billion medicine Professional parks, build 5-10 bio-manufacturing specialty parks with an output value of over 10 billion yuan; the proportion of bio-technology industry in GDP exceeds 4%, which further enhances the competitiveness of bio-tech industry.
In the 'priority tasks' arrangement, it is divided into breaking through a number of cutting-edge key technologies, supporting the development of key areas, advancing the construction of innovative platforms, and promoting the development of biotechnology industries.
Among them, in the 'development of key areas for support', biopharmaceuticals are listed in the first item. Biopharmaceuticals include medical instruments.
The document points out that it supports biomedical engineering and medical device development. It has focused on breakthroughs in new imaging technologies, new sensing technologies, micro-fluid electromechanical technology, image navigation and robotics, single cell sequencing and molecular diagnostics, and breakthroughs in a number of high-end and large-scale medical devices. equipment Core component development technology, improve product evaluation system and capability support platform, accelerate the development of medical imaging equipment, medical robots, new implant devices, new biomedical materials, in vitro diagnostic technologies and products, home medical monitoring and health Equipment, wearable equipment, appropriate diagnosis and treatment equipment at the primary level, mobile medical products.
In addition, under the “Promotion and Innovation Platform Construction-Technology Innovation Center”, we pointed out that the center for promoting biomedical engineering technology innovation should focus on high-end medical imaging, advanced treatment, in vitro diagnostics, medical materials, specialist medical treatment, medical robots, and other key directions and priorities. In the field, carry out applied research and technology transformation to promote production, learning, research, and medicine, and use deep integration to enhance the technological innovation capability and industrial competitiveness of China's medical device industry.
Innovate institutional mechanisms, strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration, promote the integration of medical research and development, encourage original breakthroughs and transformation of achievements, promote the independent innovation capability of medical device R&D in China, create original innovation sources for medical device R&D, and promote innovation and development in the surrounding regions through radiation. Global Competitive Medical Devices R&D Highland.