DR industry needs China | 'Core'

Medicine Network May 14 hearing DR, the most widely used product in the field of medical X-rays, compared with CT, DSA, has gradually been unable to attract the attention and talk of industry people. People always like to focus attention In things that have not been obtained or are not fully acquired, they lose interest in what they consider to be fully occupied. For practitioners in the X-ray industry in China, the subconscious is automatically assigned to the latter category. But the reality is that Is this right?
We carefully analyzed China's DR industry. There are many manufacturers on the market. Although the products are homogenized seriously but have a variety of types and models, it seems that it is indeed an area that stands up as the owner. But when you dive into Sham Shui Po District, you will be surprised : How can there be so many DR manufacturers assembling DR?! And behind the assembly of DR, the thoughts caused by the uprising of ZTE in the previous paragraph are exactly the same - we need the core technology!
Wan Guozhuang
Assembling is a short-sighted behavior. It is really unwilling to use ZTE as an example. The feeling of being choked by the throat is not good. enterprise In fact, assembly can indeed produce products in a short time and sell them out. If the cost of components is controlled well, it can make a lot of money. However, what can it do? Once the cost of components increases, or the competitive market tightens , Or the policy is slowing down, or the demand for terminal is increasing... Any time a sign of trouble can make a company nervous, what kind of development is this company talking about? What is the future? Of course, some companies have gone from an assembly upgrade to independent research and development. The road, but what we see is more of those companies that keep whispering to me to make a sum of money and immediately invest in R&D, and in fact continue to collapse by simply assembling and selling products.
Specifically, it fell into the DR industry. IWC is still an industry norm. Only a few companies have broken this wall, and the 'assembly' is still hurting the industry in a continuous manner. Assembled DR has a low threshold. As a result, a large number of companies have entered the market, causing a price stifling, and the industry will inevitably fall into a vicious competition. The DR machine will consist of several key components such as a tube, detector, and high voltage. The components of the assembled DR will come from different production processes. Manufacturers, complete machine compatibility, poor coordination, prone to failures, end-user experience deterioration, and even downtime leading to departmental operations stopped. And assembly manufacturers because they did not master parts technology, making maintenance difficult, or outsourced to others regardless , Or send back to the place of origin to wait quietly. The only thing left is to dry up the terminal, and finally leave a bad impression on the domestic market. It is difficult to eliminate it.
DR is already a universal product in China. Everyone on DRC is using DR at every moment. disease Screening and diagnosis, so we must be deeply aware of: health China needs China 'core'.
'Core technology' is an old thing. Even if there is no ZTE incident, the word "core technology" is a blur for many people. After all, it's a long-term perspective to say it. It's so simple to say it. In fact, from the beginning In the end we all know the importance of the core technology. Our problem is that it is not implemented. This world cannot be said simply.