How to choose your own laptop? Lightweight and portable is the main theme

What kind of laptop is popular now? Of course, it is a narrow frame, light and portable notebook! Unlike the past, the dull color, the body of the notebook, Businesses design thoughtfully The light and thin this is obviously more in line with the needs of young people. In recent years, the new books are more inclined to the micro frame of the big vision, the weight can be reduced to the ultimate light and thin, very popular.

The major manufacturers on the market are also keeping up with the trend and have launched their own specialty products. With a wide range of configurations and prices, friends can select several products and compare them. Buy them in accordance with their own needs and budget. Of course, other than the price , Performance is also a primary consideration in the use of demand. Several products are recommended today, hoping to help you.

Recommended Products: Glory MagicBook

Hardware Configuration: Intel Core i5-8250U/NVIDIA GeForce MX150/8GB/256GB/14 inch/1920×1080

As a product for young people, Glory MagicBook has a lighter weight and a higher screen ratio. The thickest part of the fuselage is only 15.8mm. The whole weight is as low as 1.47kg. It will not bring any pressure when going out. At the same time, it Equipped with a 1920*1080 14-inch full high-definition display, using a 16:9 ratio design, the border has reached a very narrow 5.2mm, up to 81% of the screen share, can bring a micro-frame large field of vision experience.

Glory MagicBook's metal double-curved body is inspired by the starry sky design, which also gives the notebook a full texture. At the same time, its fuselage also uses a large opening and closing design, can be opened to close to 180 °, wherever Can become the focus of the crowd. Another noteworthy feature is its performance. Glory MagicBook is equipped with a new eight-generation Core Core.

i5-8250U processor, 4 cores, 8 threads, 14nm advanced process, more powerful CPU performance, 40% higher performance than the previous generation, to meet the daily needs of the natural useless.

In the For graphics cards, it features a new generation of full-blood version of the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card with up to 2GB of GDDR5 high-speed memory, delivering up to 4x the performance of integrated graphics, easily coping with multi-task simultaneous processing, video entertainment and more. Even if the game can maintain a high frame rate in the highest quality, the game screen will not be stuck.

Glory MagicBook is equipped with a 57.4Wh high-density battery, can achieve 12 hours long battery life, but also for mobile phones, tablet fast charge. In addition, it also The use of a more efficient 'canyon effect' heat dissipation design, specially designed fan housing concave design, increase the amount of air into the wind, the formation of a unique gorge effect, better heat emissions, accelerate the cooling efficiency.

Recommended reason: Whether it is image processing or document processing, Glory MagicBook All can do it Very quick response and also More sensitive. And in particular, it's power button has a fingerprint recognition function, boot + input password to complete the completion of the boot login only 7.6s, soon to doubt life. As the glory of the first notebook, MagicBook Quality is guaranteed. Purchase before May 31 can also enjoy 30 days no reason to return, tide play for 30 days!

Push Recommended products: MacBook Pro 13.3 inches

Hardware Configuration: Intel Core i5/Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640/8GB/128GB/2560×1600

MacBook Pro body thickness is 14.9mm, The body size is 23% smaller than that of the 2015 models, 13% smaller than that of the 2015 MacBook Air 13, and the grip and look and feel are even more comfortable. Mirror polishing process then To make it look and feel, it feels very texture. It is very much like a handicraft.

One highlight of the MacBook Pro is the appearance of the Touch Bar, which is the latest core competiveness of the series. The Touch Bar is a glass screen strip that supports 10 touches. It can automatically change display content according to foreground tasks to achieve different functions. At the same time, users can also customize the content that can be displayed on this touch screen. Developers can also use this screen to bring more efficiency and fun to the software.

The new generation of MacBook Pro is equipped with the Skylake-based i5 processor, and its performance is still very strong. The GPU is an integrated Intel Iris Graphics 550. The editing video, image processing, and general office use are basically without any pressure. It can be said to be portable. Sex and computer performance rose to a new level.

Recommended reason: In addition to improved performance, the MacBook Pro interface is also more professional. In addition to a 3.5mm audio interface, the rest are all specs, functioning as a unified 40Gbps Type-C. Without a messy interface, the thickness has become thinner ever since. It has wide compatibility with the standard USB Type-C universal Thunderbolt 3 interface, it can be charged, it can be connected to a monitor (up to DP1.2), and it can connect various storage devices.

Recommended products: HP Pavilion 14-bf035TX 14 inches

Hardware Configuration: Intel Core i5-7200U/NVIDIA GeForce 940MX/4GB/500GB/14 inch/1920×1080

HP's Pavilion 14 notebook continues the patronage of the Pavilion family. The elegance of the modelling style also highlights the identity of the user. The stylish look makes people feel comfortable. With a metal-like body, it gives a This kind of smooth and soft feeling. At the same time, it also has champagne gold, first love powder and quiet silver three color options, so that different colors show a different style.

HP Pavilion 14 is equipped with a piece of Resolution is 1080P14-inch IPS display , And it also With a 5.4mm narrow bezel design, Let users enjoy the large screen while having a more compact body, bring a broader visual effect, but also more portable, is also a lot of current mainstream design of light and thin.

Hardware configuration, HP Pavilion 14 is powered by Intel's seventh-generation Core i5-7500U processor, which uses a 14nm process, dual-core 4-thread design, clocked at 2.7GHz, with DDR4 memory with 2400MHz clock speed, powerful performance allows you to lose no time, can easily deal with entertainment office.

Recommended reason: In addition to the eye-catching appearance design and strong hardware configuration, the rotating shaft design of the HP Pavilion 14 also makes a big impression. The new escalator shaft design has become the supporting point of the notebook, in addition to making the overall form look more stylish Personality, but also makes the notebook keyboard surface has a certain degree of tilt, more in line with ergonomics, so that friends can more comfortable typing, and more conducive to heat, give you a more excellent experience.

to sum up: With the development of technology, compared to previous notebooks, current notebooks are more portable, lighter, and more thoughtful in appearance design. No wonder they received a lot of young people's favors as soon as they were launched. Currently, there are a wide variety of products and prices on the market. The lighter and thinner can refer to the above products. I believe there will always be one for you.