NVIDIA official website suddenly could not access: not yet filed

According to feedback from a large number of users, yesterday the GPU giant NVIDIA's official website suddenly could not be accessed, indicating that it has not yet been filed.

NVIDIA.com, the official website of NVIDIA.cn, once suggested that: 'According to the relevant laws and regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Information, because your site has not yet been filed, this website cannot be accessed. Please make sure that all enterprises and institutions must complete the registration and then open the website. Thank you for your support!'

However, now that NVIDIA.cn has returned to normal, NVIDIA.com remains the same.

However, through the ICP record query network query display, whether it is NVIDIA.com or NVIDIA.cn, the record information is indeed not normal.

The name of the organizer, ShangHai Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, website registration/license No. 09024672 and other information are grayed out and the auditing time is still September 29, 2011.

In addition, GeForce.com, GeForce.cn, is currently working fine on the NVIDIA game card website.