2018 Intel Grand Master Challenge | Raytheon Six-Core Gaming Helps Kunming

Launched by the tech giant Intel, the Intel Grand Challenge for professional players in the Chinese market is in hot pursuit in the second quarter. After a series of showdowns, Sunday, May 13, the game moved to Kunming, Yunnan Province.

At 13 o'clock on the same day, the game was staged at the Tennis Hall of the Chenggong Campus of Yunnan University for Nationalities. Four teams from Shanghai competed to compete for the final city championship. The imposing manner of winning the game and the mighty warfare of this line will make this match. The atmosphere of the game in a pleasant climate has been pushed to light up.

The enthusiasm of the audience rose, and the tennis hall of Yunnan University was fully occupied

After the final round of killing, YC team of Yunnan University of Finance won the title.

The first match took place between the MT team of the Kunming University of Science and Technology and the WCN team of the Yunnan University for Nationalities. The game took 3 minutes and 50 seconds. After the MT was successfully used, the WCN's top stone was successfully used. A set of skills was used by Gallio to make the stone man's blood. Back to the tower, MT played wild princes flash Q skills to get a blood. In 12 minutes, the two sides broke a wave of small-scale team battle, 22 minutes MT broke the high ground Prince EQR with teammates killed WCN two, directly took WCN, The end of the game. The MT team easily won the game.

In the second semifinal, YC team of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics ran against the JJG team of Kunming University of Science and Technology. Before the competition, the host organized a very attractive raffle. A gorgeous Hippop Dance Company performed a hot dance for the players to mobilize the audience. atmosphere of.

In the game 4:45, JJG played wild prince with the Jian Ji of Jacques successfully gankYC on the road, Jax successfully won the blood. 12 minutes and 50 seconds, 15 minutes, 18 minutes of continuous battle, until the 20th minute In the wave group match, YC won, JJG was killed four people, and then YC took over the first dragon. Afterwards, the Vietnam War was more brave. The last wave of team battle won 4 kills under the direct economic advantage. After 27 minutes, the YC team won.

On-Site Student Team Uses Core i7 Fighter

The finals took place between YC Team of Yunnan University of Finance and MT Team of Kunming University of Science and Technology. The game took 3 minutes and 30 seconds, YC succeeded in taking blood, and 8 minutes took YC further advantage and took the lead. After this MT Reluctant to fight back and defeat, got 4 heads, but YC did not give opponents much opportunity, quickly won the second dragon, and got 3 heads.

In the 28th minute of the battle, YC killed MT on the road and opened the mouth directly. It successfully took to the high ground, took away the last person in MT, ended the game, won the finals, and became the champion of Kunming.

YC Team of Yunnan University of Finance finally won the title

'PC Resurgence E-sports Intel Grand Challenge Challenge'

After a few years of sluggish growth, the entire PC market has shown a recovery trend. According to reports from a number of authoritative market research agencies, the global PC market has basically stopped falling, and in some regions it has started to reverse the increase, and it is expected that in the next few years, the global market Will maintain positive growth.

Among them, the game e-sports industry has grown rapidly in recent years. E-sports, once considered as 'spiritual opium', has gradually gained widespread recognition from the mainstream society and the broad masses of the people. More and more young people are investing in it, and many are even more It is passionate and has created a series of exciting events.

In order to allow more young people to realize their gaming dreams and develop more first-class quasi-professional gaming players, Intel launched the new Intel Master Challenger (IMC), adhering to the Intel limit of the world's top professional competitions. Intel Extreme Masters is a professional and fair game player. It aims to excavate national players with a professional level player and create a high-standard battle stage.

Intel Master Challenge Core i7, born for the game

'Thunder cheers: six-core notebook performance burst'

As the exclusive cooperative brand of the Intel Masters Challenge Kunming Station, Raytheon also provided full support for the game and experienced the adrenaline-rushing fever with the live fans.

In this competition, the players uniformly use the new Thunder 911 game book, which is known as “Ride-to-Run”, equipped with Intel’s eighth-generation Core high-performance mobile processor Core i7-8750H, which has 6 cores and 12 threads, compared to the seventh generation. Increased by half, while the highest Turbo Boost to 4.2GHz high frequency, thermal design power is still controlled at the standard 45W.

Intel's eighth-generation Core high-performance mobile processor

The measured results show that the i7-8750H can achieve up to 1150 points of multi-thread running in the CineBench R15. Compared with the previous i7-7700HQ, it has improved by more than 80%, which is a qualitative leap.

Raytheon's new 911 game uses a tough shape design, drawing process, to create a streamlined and speed sense, very match with the game player and e-sports player's blood style, and provide electronic version, standard version of two options.

At the same time, it also has 144Hz refresh rate, 72% color gamut matte IPS screen, RGB backlight full-size keyboard, independent subwoofer, up to 16GB memory, GTX 1060 6GB graphics card, 128GB NVMe SSD+1TB HDD dual hard drive, input and output U Interface is also very rich, three USB 3.1, USB Type-C, HDMI, mini DisplayPort, card reader, headphone jack, to meet various needs.

Raytheon's new 911 game debuts at Yunnan University, equipped with Intel's eighth-generation Core high-performance mobile processor Core i7-8750H