What are the interfaces of mainstream set-top boxes?

Differentiated market positioning has different requirements for the interface of STBs, but STBs are always the core and window of integrated entertainment at home, especially today's rich information flow, so the convergence of more functions is the goal pursued by users. The interface is equipped to carry most functions of the set-top box integrated entertainment. The mainstream set-top box interface should include but not be limited to the following:

1 The physical switch can completely cut off the power supply, and can be directly disconnected without having to unplug the socket when the set-top box is not used for a long time or in thunderstorm weather, which is more safe and energy-saving;

2 wired network interface, the most stable network data transmission data must be a wired network, essential;

Necessity of 32.4G/5G dual-band WiFi setup With the increasing number of home wireless devices, most of the devices such as PADs, mobile phones, laptops, TVs, smart home devices with wifi, and Bluetooth devices occupy most of the 2.4G frequency band. Therefore, it will cause interference to the wireless network. The use of WiFi in the 5G band can ensure that the set-top box transmits data more stably. In addition, the 5 GHz theoretical bandwidth is 867 Mpbs and the 2.4 GHz is only 300 Mpbs. Therefore, 2.4 GHz is compared with 2.4 GHz single-band WiFi. The optional 5GHz dual band will bring a faster wireless network experience;

4 With the era of 4K HDR Ultra HD Blu-ray, more bandwidth is needed to transmit audio and video data. The minimum standard for transmitting 4K HDR is the HDMI 2.0a interface, the transmission bandwidth is as high as 18Gbps, and 4K@60P can be transmitted. High-definition picture quality brings smoother 4K motion picture;

5USB decoding multimedia files, can easily read the camera card, U disk video, pictures, music and other multimedia files through the set-top box USB interface, USB3.0 is the highest standard at this stage, the theoretical transmission rate of up to 5Gbps per second, about each Seconds 625MB (The actual situation must consider the main board and the coding algorithm, generally can reach 150MB/S, is about 5 times of USB 2.0) ,So can bring more rapid transmission, it is the future mainstream.

6 optical audio interface, for set-top boxes with increasingly powerful decoding performance, to meet advanced use, to meet the demanding requirements of audio and video enthusiasts for audio and video output, such as professional decoding of set-top boxes and some cable TV programs with Dolby or DTS audio, and At the same time set-top box equipped with HDMI and optical audio output port can output video through HDMI, HDMI output audio, audio and video separation output, the sound quality will be more pure.