Nut R1 is released soon | Old Luo is confident let Apple | 'plagiarism'?

At the launch of Hammer Nut 3, Luo said the hammer will be released in May as 'a revolutionary flagship flagship' cell phone - the Nut R1, and sits waiting for Apple's 'learning'. But so far, Hammer Nut R1's All aspects are still hidden deeper.

As a brand new product line, Hammer Nut R1 does not seem to be worth learning from its predecessors, but on the Internet it will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and equipped with a large memory combination.

In appearance, the hammer's nut 3 cancels the upper 'forehead', but at the same time retains the 'chin', so this product can only make a fuss about the border and the bottom, further increasing the ratio of the screen, after all 'Qi Liuhai' and Does not meet Luo's usual style. The rear camera will not use the vertical method, after all, there will be 'plagiarism' in this way.

In terms of pricing, nuts R1 should return to the high-end line, so it should be 2499 yuan to start, 4GB+64GB memory combination; 6G+6128G price may come to 3499 yuan, or even higher.