Build a berth at the best stadium on this planet | Old Luo needs your cheers

The time of the hammer mobile phone conference was less than three days. The frequency of the old Luofa microblogs is also getting higher and higher. This is not what Lao Luo started again in this final weekend. It was only this time no more. More information on the product, but instead blew up its own conference venue.

Lao Luo mentioned on Weibo that 'one of the best venues on the planet is perfectly worthy of the release of this generation of revolutionary products'. Combining the previous 'My Homeland Earth', it feels more and more like an international, No, interstellar is. Of course, as the most famous stadium for the Beijing 2018 Olympics, the configuration of the Bird’s Nest is really enough for Luo Luo to blow for one year. Even if it isn't for the Olympics, the stadium with a capacity of 100,000 people isn't everywhere. It can be opened here. A product launch, not to mention never, but it is definitely better than ever.

Lao Luo also mentioned that for the first time in the open-air stadiums, it was worried about the density of the waves. Therefore, at the beginning of the game, you must make loud loud cheers or buzz. Otherwise, after youtube goes online, the foreigners Thinking that I was the 'other' mediocre tech giant 'smiling'. Hey, who is ridiculing this? Smart you must have guessed.

It was also a matter of concern that the product could bring about a true 'revolution' in the press conference. Before the announcement of Wu Dezhou, we already knew that the new hammer machine will be equipped with front-end configurations such as the Xiaolong 845 processor and linear motor. This alone is not enough to say that it is a revolution. Does the hammer conference have a new bright spot that makes people 'scream' and 'urine fistula'? Let's wait and see.