Google forces Android OEM to release regular security updates for devices

Android is currently the most popular operating system, but its slow updates have long been criticized. This includes not only version updates, but also security updates. Now that the mobile phone is already bound with a lot of user information, it is imperative to strengthen security. At the opening of Google I/O Developer Conference this week, Google announced that according to the contract, OEM partners are obliged to issue patches regularly.

David Kleidermacher, head of security at the Android platform, said: 'We are also committed to incorporating security patches into our OEM agreement. Now this will really lead to a substantial increase in the number of devices and users receiving regular security patches.' This means search giant Google is ensuring the agreement. It can prompt OEMs to roll out security patches faster than ever. Although 'conventional' in the end is still unclear, it is always good news for users.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Google has also cooperated with Qualcomm, Qualcomm can pre-integrate the software and Android P, ready for OEM production, accelerate the popularity of the new version of Android.