Suspected BlackBerry KEY2 Lite appeared running sub-platform | Xiao Long 450 + 4GB

The BlackBerry has issued an invitation to confirm that it will release the full-keyboard new KEY2 on June 7th. Before long, the low-key KEY2 Lite of the suspected KEY2 has already appeared on the sub-platform GeekBench.

As shown in the figure, the aircraft's equipment model is BBG100-1. Its single-core run is divided into 698 points, and the multi-core run is divided into 3656 points. The data shows that the aircraft is equipped with a Xiaolong 450 processor, the memory is 4GB, pre-installed Android 8.1 Oreo Considering that the model of KEY2 is BBF100-1, the equipment exposed here is likely to be KEY2 Lite.

It's less than a month since the Blackberry KEY2 was released. Maybe there will be more news about the two new machines. The positioning of the aircraft is exactly what we should know quickly.

Regarding the configuration of the black rice KEY2, according to recent rumors, the screen and resolution of the KEY2 are expected to be the same as those of the generation, but the processor will be upgraded to the Snapdragon 660, the memory will be increased to 6GB, and the rear dual camera will be installed.