Asus plans to release game handset on Computex 2018

Gaming phones have become the focus of industry attention in 2018. Black Shark Gaming Phones, Nubian Red Devils Gaming Phones and other products have been released and marketed. Although Asustek has always had mobile phone related products, it is tepid in the domestic market. State, and now they want to enter the field of game phones.

According to insiders, Asustek began investing in R&D mobile phones as early as January 2017. According to the ePrice report, Asustek CEO Shen Zhenlai confirmed on May 11 that Asustek will be released at COMPUTEX 2018 (Taiwan Electronics Show) in June this year. Crowned with ROG branded mobile phone.

ASUS ROG E-Sports phones can meet the various needs of players and will be a flagship high-end e-sports flagship that has never been seen before. Shen Zhenlai also pointed out that Asustek hopes to create a game without being interrupted by various notifications and provide immersive games for players. The gaming experience of the mobile phone, this e-smart phone also has a complete mobile phone function, In order to achieve the above requirements, the team finally spent more than a year.

Although Shen Zhenlai did not disclose the detailed configuration of this ROG gaming mobile phone, it may carry the flagship Xiaolong 845 processor, adopting Kryo 385 architecture, eight-core design, CPU frequency of 2.8GHz, and GPU Adreno 630. An Bunny ran more than 270,000.

After nVidia stops GPP, many manufacturers no longer need to flush your resume with a brand to deal with it, so continue to use ROG's title. For ASUS mobile phones, it is also very consistent with e-sport tuning.