Rescue smart watch market | Qualcomm is finally pushing new wearable chips

Compared to Apple Watch, Android smartwatches are very sluggish. This is due in large part to the fact that Qualcomm has not released new chips. The good news is that two years later Qualcomm finally remembered their Diaolong Wear chips, and Qualcomm said that they will In the fall of this year, a number of new chips based on the newly designed "Wear" chip from the ground floor have been compared to the old chips based on the mobile phone SoC. The new non-wearable device customized Snapdragon chip will significantly extend the life of the device and even support smaller watches. Watches are more stylish.

Quark’s senior director of wearable devices, Pankaj Kedia, posted a message on the blog, confirming that Qualcomm will launch a third-generation wearable device processor in the fall of 2018 and that the processor will have different models for consumers to choose from. Kedia stated that this is Qualcomm's true wearable SoC chip, small size and long standby time, support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and some models will support GPS and LTE.

Kedia also said that smart watches, first of all, it is a watch, needs a beautiful appearance, and the smaller size of the chip will give manufacturers more design space, not to enhance the smart experience while sacrificing the appearance.