Renovation pit 1 - Lessons learned when sliding doors

Every friend who took part in the renovation will leave some regrets after the end, it seems to have become a decoration 'law.' In order to make everyone detours, my family and I intend to record together the thunder we stepped through in the decoration. Into the pit, to the decoration of some friends for reference.

1 Do not pack door pockets

The first one to share with everyone is the alloy sliding door.

I believe many of my friends will consider the alloy sliding doors when choosing kitchens, bathrooms, balcony doors and other large doors.

The traditional method is to install the sliding door of the alloy sliding door with the same style as other wooden doors, and then install the sliding door on the door sleeve.

But now more and more friends are willing to make it simple and simple. I hope to install the sliding door without wrapping the door. It looks simple and generous.

The landlord also saw a lot of home pictograms and chose not to directly install the three-link sliding door. It looks like the overall effect is quite satisfactory after installation.

2 My family's door is open

Due to the disdainful character of the landlord, after the door was installed and the edges were completed, it was found that the door was flawed. There was a gap when the door was closed, and the door was quickly installed by the company to adjust the door. After adjustment, the door could rely on suction. It's completely closed, but it's still embarrassing. It's very obvious in the open case. Look below.

Can't see it? I added a vertical guide.

Looking at the local part, it is even more obvious that the single-sliding door cannot completely coincide with the door frame when it is fully opened.

3 Why can you avoid the threshold?

After some discussion with family members, it was discovered that it was because the mason did not straighten and straighten the doorway, the vertical edge of the door hole was not perpendicular to the ground, and the entire doorway was wide and narrow.

Generally, with the door-in-door method, the master who installs the door-sleeve will make the door cover horizontal and vertical (filled with wood board or foaming agent), and then install the track frame of the sliding door against the door cover to ensure that the door is installed correctly. Save a series of tedious procedures such as collecting edges.

In the case of non-wrapped door inserts, when affixing toilets or kitchen tiles, it is generally not possible to fill tiles at the door opening, but to reserve the mounting position and the space for the edge of the sliding door frame (reserved non-tile width = Aluminum alloy sliding door width +1~2cm edge.) Under normal circumstances, if there is no special requirement, the mason will not take the initiative to straighten the doorway (because by default you will pack the door), the master usually only guarantees The part of the tile is vertical. Due to our lack of experience, we did not make this request to the Mason in advance and did not find the problem until the door was installed.

The landlord's door-sweeping door master is also inexperienced. He rarely encounters door-to-door and does not take steps to solve the problem during the installation phase of the sliding door. Instead, he mistakes and turns the door.

3 Why do you know how to avoid the threshold?

1. Repeatedly communicated with the captain and the mason, asking that the doorway should be smoothed and straightened to ensure that the doorway is horizontal and vertical.

2. In the sliding door installation phase, remind the sliding door installation master to confirm whether the door hole is straight and straight. If it is confirmed that the door hole is still squat, it can still be remedied during the sliding door installation phase. At this time, the door installation master should be reminded. The track frame of the sliding door is installed positively, and the gap between the track frame and the door opening is filled with foaming agent (The indoor sliding door installation master does not usually bring foaming agent, it is best to remind or bring it up when contacting the installation. When collecting the edges, let the painter cover the foaming agent with putty.

5 Some small details

Finally, let's look at some of the details of the landlord's home sliding door.

In the picture below, the left side of the door frame is the kitchen tile, the joint between the tile and the door frame is filled with grout (has been a bit dirty T_T); the right side of the door frame is 2cm left (putty wipe + corner corner protection strip + scrape Putty + brush wall paint)?????????.

Between the door frame and the tile with silicone seams.

- author: Huang Xiao Xie do not worry -