OSIM wood flooring, how to buy skills

Now that the floor brand on the market has died more and more, OSIM solid wood flooring is one of them. So you know how OSIM solid wood flooring? I believe many consumers want to understand. In many floors In the product, everyone still needs to understand what's the buying technique. The following Xiaobian will introduce it to everyone.

OSIM wood flooring how

Pride Board owns a unique patented lock technology on the market. The six-face sealer process protects the wooden floor in all directions to make the floor more stable. At the same time, the paint surface is full and tough, and can also bring out the precious wood. Ecological beauty, paving in the living room can better decorate the decoration style of the room, and do not have to worry about prolonged stamping caused the floor paint to be damaged, but also can enjoy the most comfortable feeling. Pride plate will also material the original texture Keeping it, the elegant solid wood colors show warmth under the light or sunlight, which is favored by many consumers nowadays.

1, non-polluting natural material OSIM floor is the most typical double green products, does not have sources of pollution, and some aromatic tincture timber, issued wholesome, tranquilizing aroma; it is easily absorbed by epigenetic soil erosion consumptive the organic fertilizer.

2, looks beautiful and natural. OSIM wood flooring is natural, its rings, textures are often able to make a beautiful picture, giving a return to nature, getting back to basics feel, regardless of texture are unique, it is widely popular .

3, solid and durable. General timber is usually floating on the water, with a few exceptions. In this way, Pride plate uses wood as a building material and metal building materials, compared to stone for easy transportation, laying, According to experimental results, the tensile strength of pine is steel 3 times, 25 times that of concrete, 50 times that of marble, and 4 times that of marble.

4, has good insulation properties. Pride plate is not easy to heat, concrete thermal conductivity is very high. The thermal conductivity of steel is 200 times that of wood. Wood can absorb moisture and evaporation. The human body in the atmosphere the optimum humidity in 60% ~ 70 Between the %, the features of the Pride plate maintain the humidity in the comfortable humidity of people within the range.

There is no doubt about the product quality of Pride Board. From the purchase of raw materials, to the processing and production of products, every product of Pride Board undergoes a lot of inspections. Pride Board also has numerous national inspection marks. , Has won a number of domestic and international awards.

What are the buying skills

First, choose the species of material:

As there are many species of trees that can produce floorboards, there are precious rosewood and teak wood; in general there are eucalyptus wood and ashtree; cheap ones are firs, pines, etc. The price difference is very large. Consumers can press China Forest Products Industry Association floor The Committee issued the standardized commercial name of wood flooring to check, or select the tree species that they liked. Try to use wood species with stable trees to avoid scooping, twisting, bending, cracking, arching and ringing during the long-term use of wood flooring.


Second, choose the size:

The solid wood floors currently available on the market are all long and wide in size, such as 900 mm × 90 mm × 18 mm. In fact, wood floors should not be short and should not be narrow, should be less than 600 mm × 75 mm × 18 Millimeter floor, the smaller the size, the stronger the anti-deformation ability.


Third, the size of the selected moisture content:

Moisture content is of utmost importance. The moisture content of the purchased floor must be consistent with the local equilibrium water content. Buy the floor and check the moisture content. If the seller does not have a water content meter, do not buy it. The method for determining the equilibrium moisture content is very good. Simple, first in the exhibition hall to determine the moisture content of the purchased varieties, and then open the box to detect the moisture content of the purchased wooden floor, if the water content of the two is only 1% -2%, it is a qualified product.


Fourth, selection processing accuracy:

With 10 pieces of flooring assembled on the ground, hand touch, seeing the accuracy of its processing quality, whether the finish is smooth, smooth, 榫, groove fit, installation gaps, anti-deformation tanks, etc. are assembled tightly.


Fifth, choose the quality of the substrate:

Check the floor level, whether there are insect eyes, cracks, rot, blue change, dead wood defects, etc. Wood floor purchase important links Beware of false test reports blindfolded wooden floors to buy an important part, is to learn to see the wooden floor test report .

Qualified product testing report can be regarded as a permit to enter the market. The value of each indicator on the test report can also indicate the quality of the product. Wang Yong, general manager of Dejia Home Wood Co., Ltd., prompts that consumption should be measured by inspection report. Able to understand whether the purchase of wood flooring is true, whether there is exaggeration or even false propaganda phenomenon.

The above is Xiaobian today introduced to everyone on the knowledge of OSIM wood flooring. After reading this article's introduction, did you know about OSIM wood flooring? Xiao Bian thinks OSIM wood flooring is still good. When you buy it, you can learn about it.