Reduce the burden on Momma | Enjoy clean white technology

Yan, who is full of rituals in life, is an original food writer. She loves to bake, loves to travel, and also loves to decorate and match her beautiful home. As a mother, she needs to spend a lot of time in addition to taking care of her children. To take care of their own homes and take on heavy housework, TEK vacuum cleaner A10 can help her relieve her burden and allow her to be more comfortable doing what she likes.

This period reaches: Yan

Yan, full of vitality, often has a sweet smile and is very contagious. She is good at discovering good things, and has a life full of rituals. As a mother, Yan often studies various foods that are delicious and suitable for children to eat, while It also cleans the home, beautifully decorated, and creates a healthy and happy living environment for the family.

Her home

The mix of Japanese and Nordic furniture is based on the combination of natural wood and pure white, creating an ins wind and a literary atmosphere. It also uses rich decoration to break the monotony and create a festive atmosphere and a sense of life ritual.

Deep experience

▼Wireless Handheld Lightweight and Flexible

The most attractive thing about this vacuum cleaner is that it is very light and it can be easily lifted to clean the ceiling. The battery life is up to 1 hour, enough to complete the whole house cleaning. ' Yan smiled and said: 'I heard about the vacuum cleaner early in the morning. Is a good helper for mother's housework, Mother's Day is coming, Meet TEK, is the most intimate gift of the treasure mother.

▼ Powerful Suction

'The most important thing is its cleansing power. With high-power motors, there are two levels of suction strength that can be switched arbitrarily. The suction is strong. Whether in the dark, corners, hair on the carpet or accidentally spilled flour, Once you can suck clean.

Experience keywords

1. Vertical suction patented technology

110W storm-level suction power, powerful vacuum. 380W brushless digital motor, stable kinetic energy, long-lasting suction does not decay.

2. Super running brush design

The patented design of the roller brush, the bristles, the ground brush wheel and the floor are closely fitting, and the sweeping force is even more labor-saving. The dust brush has a built-in scraper design, and the roller brush and the dust do not stick together. It is clean and efficient.

3. HEPA adsorption filtration system

Quadruple filter layer/anti-sensitive net dust filter, dust removal rate of up to 99.99%. SuperSonic supersonic centrifugal separation system, effective separation of dust.

▼ flexible full brush head configuration corner cleaning is more convenient

'TEK is very intimate, equipped with a variety of brush heads, to meet a variety of cleaning needs. Its bedding to clean the suction head, can effectively remove the bedbugs and locusts on the sofa, while the crevice cleaning brush makes the wall dead ends and furniture gaps dirty Dirty escape. '

Experience keywords

1 full brush head configuration

According to different cleaning zones, six brush heads are equipped to meet the diverse cleaning needs. In dark places, corners are not annoying. The whole house is clean without leaving dead corners. For sofas and sofas, there are dual-use electrostatic hairs for effective dust removal.螨.

2. Wireless light design

Dumbbell ergonomic design, the same light weight feel, LightArt1.3kg. Wireless handheld, can be freely controlled when cleaning.

3. EasyClean convenient design

360 ° walking freely, more convenient to explore. LED searchlights, low spots no longer worry about the dark, so that no place to hide the dust.

One-touch disassembly Easy to solve storage problems

'Fool-style operation, one-click disassembly, making it more convenient for its own cleaning, it is also very good storage, there are five-year warranty, it is simply my blind gospel of this electronic product!'

Experience keywords

1. One-step operation concept

One-button patented switch buckles and slide-mounted battery handling, assembly, disassembly, dumping dust, and storage are all one step.

2. Long 1 hour battery life

Two 2500mAh Lithium-ion batteries can reach 1 hour of battery life. Continuous cleaning is uninterrupted. Dual-interface charging adapter, two batteries are charged at the same time, which saves time.

3. 5-year warranty

Quanguolianbao, Three Guarantees Service, Five Years Warranty. More Six Personalized Color Matches, AllSurface 8 Brush Head Configuration, 70dB(A) Low Noise Work.

Experience summary: After Yan's experience, she was very satisfied with this TEK wireless hand-held vacuum cleaner A10. She smiled and said to the camera, “The exquisite experience of TEK Life White Technology not only reduced my cleaning burden, but also provided my family with a healthier home environment. With it, the Happiness Index has improved ~'