Love couples to create a 70m2 natural quiet temperament small home!

The family is able to fight for happiness on their own! This is a loving little couple is a decoration white, they slowly let this 70m2 small home gradually enriched from nothing, full up, the entire space in the decoration is simple The foundation, combined with the distinctive freshness of the deer, creates a natural and comfortable warm texture, which makes people feel relaxed and comfortable.

I am not a luxury home. I am not a son of destiny and nature. I am just a laborer. I am wearing my apron and doing my own work in my dark factory. I am a youth, I am not an unfair person, I am not a fool, I want to fight over happiness for myself.

- Ba Jin's "Home"

PART1 Housing Information:

Coordinates: Tianjin

Area: 70m2

Cost: 200,000 (hard-mounted 12W, soft-mounted 8W)

Fit-out period: 4 months

(Modified floor plan)

The owner said

I am a deer, a girl who is as quiet as a mad rabbit, loves traveling, photography, baking, painting ~~~ and my husband's thorn, a mensiness financial man who has grown up and creates this beautiful together. small home.

I was a college student with thorns and I have known each other for 10 years. After graduating from university, I graduated from college to work in the south. We worked hard to manage the long-distance love between us for three years.

I remember that when I was in love with my husband, I always had endless yearning for the future small family. We would go to the home shop without any problems. Although we didn’t own our own house, we’d even bought a lot of things complicatedly. So far they have all They are still being used in my home. Whenever they are used, they remind us of our longing for home when we are in love.

We were married in 14 years, and the house was handed over in 15 years. At the moment we got the key, no one wouldn’t be thrilled! Then we started preparing for the renovation~

Entrance & Restaurant

My family did not have a real entrance. The entrance was a restaurant. So this small space had two functions. To make it look less crowded, no shoe was placed. Only two black woods were installed on the left-hand side of the door. Made of black walnut hangers, with brass hooks, special temperament~

The shoes that are changed usually go directly to the wardrobe in the cloakroom, so it is particularly refreshing. There is a small groove on the hanger, you can put some postcards, draw ah, can be a good decorative space ~

Eucalyptus' garlands were tied by his own hands. The little broom beside it was bought when we were in love. It has been 5 years now. Time is really fast.

The above postcards 'choose love to become a family' made me deeply feel that there is love and family. I am very grateful that this blind date has become a must-have for people in my life. I can also marry and have children with my loved ones. Small home.

It can be said that this is the first place to see the door, but this wall has two large meter boxes and a network box. The ordinary decorative painting is hard to cover. So the calendar of the moreover's home is selected, and the size is large enough. , It is very style.

A table and four chairs are custom-made. In such a small space, a one-meter-long dining table is also placed. This also compresses the kitchen's depth of 30 centimeters.

Because I really liked the big dining table, I liked the smell of smoke on the floor full of food, I also like to travel back and fill it with souvenirs and various souvenirs.


In the hallway on the left hand side of the living room, a small cupboard made of black wood was placed inside, and the baking molds and some cutlery used at home were included.


The right hand side of the restaurant is the kitchen. At the beginning of the design, it is completely white. Many people may feel that white is difficult to manage. In fact, because white is easy to make dirty, it will urge you to do kitchen hygiene in time. Therefore, my family has stayed for more than a year. It's still the same as the new one.

Many people like the small white bricks of my house because it is very difficult to find small finished bricks in the local market in Tianjin. So I bought 300*600 bricks and opened 10*10 slots on them. The advantage is that it saves the cost of the tiling work and is very flat after being laid.

This corner is a corner I like very much. It may be only a square meter, but the space is best used for rice cookers, drain baskets, racks, ovens and some coffee and baking materials.

The sink is selected by Mr. Kade's Jade. Mr. selected, his own knife holder can drain and save space.

Hood and stove to keep reflective is my family's normal, on how to clean the gas stove can go to my microblogging @ deer ah 糗 onlookers ~

It's my hobby to collect fridge magnets. Every time I go to a place, I don't buy anything and I have to buy a refrigerator. Over time, my friends will help me out when I travel. So when I see the fridge, I will remember what fun I’ve been to. Place, where is my friend's fun place to go?

living room

The living room was the most unsuccessful place in my home where I thought it was installed. It was a bit of a regret to customize the wall of the bookshelf. Its presence led to my inability to change the position of the sofa and TV cabinet.

A material for the TV cabinets and dining chairs is ashwood. The very small one is also very simple. The white wall is the best background.

When it's raining on a cloudy day, I particularly like to be at home, soak up a cup of tea, turn on the aromatherapy machine, and quietly read the book;


On the left-hand side of the door, I was most satisfied with the area. There was a hole plate 80 centimeters long and 120 centimeters high. The bags were all hanging on it. The Stitch hat brought back from Disney was nowhere to be found. Now there is also Home.

Shoe cabinet is a collection of some of the daily jewelry, wooden hand from HAY, vase from the Fauvism. The following shoe is actually an open short shelf of the IKEA Bally series, because the fancy shelf height can be flexibly adjusted, Easily store long boots, so buy shoes.

The gap on the left side of the shoe cabinet just accommodates the Dyson vacuum cleaner. This perfect size is very satisfying for obsessive-compulsive disorder.


The bathroom was only four square meters, and the square was also a load-bearing wall. So all the wet and dry separations and baths I wanted didn't realize TAT. This is my favorite corner. Shelves installed above the washing machine can accommodate some makeup items.

The ideal is to sit on the dressing table in front of the US and the United States, and the reality is that the bathroom mirror is distributed around the bathroom. Because the bathroom is westward facing and has windows, it is not damp and does not affect the texture of the makeup.

The make-up brush bucket is actually a IKEA mini bucket. The aroma candle is the Canadian brand PFCANDLE .CO. It has a low melting point and can form a flat wax pool. After being extinguished, there is no black smoke. Putting it in the bathroom not only brings aroma, but also takes a shower. At the time it is also very atmospheric.

Opposite to the shower is a washstand. This is the corner where the whole bathroom is the most regrettable for me. First of all, sticking to the style of wood, an open log bathroom cabinet is not only unsightly but also unfavorable.

The size was designed to be too large, taking up space. The second is not considering the location of the wire, bought a special-shaped mirror, the back of the mounting hole is exactly aligned with the wire. Can only be installed to the right, so it is not aligned with the mirror headlights

IKEA's trapezoidal racks are used to store towels and bath towels. There is also a storage basket underneath.

This shower should be the most satisfying item in the home. It was Hansgrohe's Flying Rain series. At that time, the store's special 4K+ decisively won.

I always liked the pine elements. So I bought such a shower curtain. The bathroom needs to be interesting too.

Master bedroom

The main color of the master bedroom is white + logs. We insist that the bedroom is just as good as sleeping. So there is no wardrobe, no drawers and no TV.

My bedside table on this side was replaced with a muji dressing table. After the skin is closed, the lid can be used to sleep. Usually, it can also be used as a bedside table.

Mr. bedside replaced the traditional bedside cabinets with small round legs. The slim legs furniture will make the space more refreshing. The brown vase above is actually the bottle of the skin care brand Aesop. Many people use it as a vase. Root Ugaric, the taste of Northern Europe came out.

Muji aromatherapy machine is my favorite, can both humidify the air and can be used as a night light. Next to the floor lamp is Muji, with it, we rarely turn on the lights. Decorative paintings are Nordic posters, Sometimes taped directly to the wall would be better than a decorative frame.

The small bedside lamp is IKEA, bright enough, light does not spread, it will not affect the other half, it is very suitable for the bedside to do light reading before going to bed.

Vegetable tanned lamps are also very stylish. Like wooden furniture, they need to be carefully maintained. During a year's stay, the color of the leather surface becomes more and more beautiful. And custom MR.X&MRS.X is engraved on it, because Mr. Xu surnamed Xu. , I like to think carefully at home.

Finally, decoration is a regrettable art.

'Fawn'Furniture began to be purchased too much and slowly recovered after a year's stay. People and their own home are actually unfamiliar to the beginning. Only when you touch slowly, you will become more aware of what colors and materials are placed. What function, what size of furniture is the most suitable. You will also learn about your own lifestyle, what furniture is what you need, not only to satisfy life, but also to enjoy the fun of space.