Secret engine oil why it becomes more | want to cure is not difficult

In recent years, many car companies have started to worry about burning oil. Some high-end brands are also lacking in them. For some time, if you don’t burn engine oil, it’s not high enough. But since this year, the style suddenly reversed 180 degrees. From the burning of oil, the car became a multi-motor oil. Especially in the winter just past, why did the engine have more oil?

Then we must first look at the profile of the engine. Above is the combustion chamber, which is where the power is generated. Below is the crankcase and the sump, where the oil is stored.

In fact, these two areas are not completely isolated. The isolation of these two parts is based on the piston ring on the piston. Even if its sealing effect is good, it cannot be completely sealed. When the engine is working, there will be a part of Gas mixtures and combustion products pass through the piston ring from the combustion chamber, such as in the crankcase, commonly known as crankcase blow-by. When the engine is cold, even liquid fuel may enter the crankcase. Therefore, engine blow-by gas is The inevitable situation of the engine. No matter what brand of engine, there will be engine helium.

This phenomenon is more pronounced in winter, because in the cold state, the atomization effect of the fuel injected into the cylinder is not good enough, and the piston ring scrapes the attached gasoline on the cylinder wall into the crankcase. Therefore, in cold regions, The chance of an increase in oil is quite high. However, the gap between the piston rings is only the fuse of the increase in oil, and it is not the culprit. Because the phenomenon caused by the physical structure is unavoidable, the engineers of the engine are of course Think of this.

Therefore, engineers designed a positive crankcase ventilation system (PCV) to solve the problem of engine oil dilution caused by engine helium. However, despite the crankcase forced ventilation, the liquid gas that was pumped in only on the premise of a full temperature increase of the engine was used. Gasoline can volatilize in time and return to the combustion chamber. Therefore, in cold weather, frequent short-distance use of the car, the engine will stop working if it does not heat up sufficiently. Therefore, the oil remaining in the engine oil cannot evaporate effectively, and accumulates over time. It is easy to produce more oil.

Some of my friends also discovered that there is a white emulsion on the lid of the filling machine. In fact, this phenomenon is also caused by the crankcase helium. This is a common phenomenon in winter. As the engine temperature rises, this phenomenon will occur. Will disappear.

This is why many engine oils are increasing. Now many manufacturers are trying to overcome this problem. The solution given when delivering some paints is to upgrade ECUs, or to further improve the related hardware, to accelerate the warming and gasoline volatility, and to promote Re-combustion. To minimize the accumulation of gasoline in the engine oil. I believe that all manufacturers will make every effort to strive to come up with the best solution as soon as possible.