Car airbags are also squeamish | Car owners need careful maintenance

Nowadays, airbags, ABS and other safety equipment have become the standard equipment for most cars. These indispensable safety equipments have also become important reference factors for consumers to buy cars. As you know, these safety equipments are also very fragile. Careful maintenance.

Airbags have a 'shelf life'

The safety factor for automobiles with airbags is certainly higher, but do you know that airbags also have a shelf life? Airbag maintenance is not as intuitive as the appearance of car body maintenance and it is easily overlooked. Airbag maintenance is overlooked and airbags are likely to be neglected. Become an "invisible killer." To this end, the reporter consulted a professional, teach everyone to maintain airbags.

According to experts on automotive safety, airbags must be used in conjunction with seat belts to ensure the safety of the owner. The owner should not place perfume bottles in front passenger airbags and stick ornaments. Once the airbags are opened, these items will be ejected by airbags. Injury occupants. Usually should avoid high temperature and static electricity, do not let the airbag and the sensor in a high temperature and static environment, so as not to cause the airbag to open in error; but also to avoid accidental bumps, vibration airbag sensor, so as not to cause the airbag to suddenly open; Change the airbag system and its surrounding arrangements without authorization. Do not change the airbag system circuit without authorization. Do not change the front bumper and the front structure of the vehicle; If the vehicle is equipped with a side airbag and the side airbag is installed on the seat, do not give the seat. Chair installation seat cover.

'Experts have stated that the airbags will basically not fail during normal life cycle. After every 1 to 20,000 kilometers, they can check the airbags and their accessories at the 4S shop. However, after ten years of use, the quality of airbags is difficult to guarantee. It must be thoroughly tested, and if necessary, it should be promptly replaced. Master Li Xiaobin pointed out that: The airbag indicator is still flashing or does not turn off after 6 seconds to 8 seconds after the vehicle starts. It means that the airbag has malfunctioned; the vehicle is running. The airbag indicator flashes brightly after 5 seconds. It also indicates that the airbag has failed. This must be checked in time at the 4S shop. Dispose of safe airbags as a 'killer'.

ABS fault light is quite a lot of reasons not to panic

The ABS anti-lock braking system is now the most common active safety equipment on cars. When the driver quickly depresses the brake pedal during emergency braking, the front wheel will not lock and the steering ability will still exist. When moving, take a turn to avoid the danger ahead and ensure the stability of the car's direction. The most important function of ABS is not to shorten the braking distance, but to keep the direction of the car's stability as much as possible while braking. The correct braking action of the brake pedal is not the key to ABS function.

The 'experts' warned the driver that the ABS fault warning light should suddenly turn on and should not panic. The car's braking system can still work, and the car can be smoothly opened to the repair station. If the ABS and hand brake lights are on at the same time, the vehicle's The brake system may have a serious failure. At this time, you must not continue to drive. You should immediately stop the car at the roadside and contact the service station in time for assistance.