Face recognition upgrade | Full screen long life United States mobile phone S7 evaluation

Since the end of last year, thousands of machine products in the domestic market began to adopt dual camera, full screen and other configurations to create a number of cost-effective products. However, now simply stacking hardware, follow the design obviously can no longer make consumers pay, with Features of the product can be more attractive to users. To meet the current market, Gome hit the security features of mobile products into the market. In the last month, Gome released S7 new products, using face and fingerprint recognition combined with the new GOME OS 2.0 In-depth development, adding a dual camera and full screen, and how to use the security performance of this new machine? Here we have to understand through the evaluation.

From the configuration table below, it can be seen that Gome S7 not only added face recognition function to the full screen mobile phone of 1,000 yuan, but also enhanced its security protection performance with its own security system. The 4000mAh battery effectively improved the life time of the mobile phone. The price of 1299 yuan plus the dual camera configuration makes this phone still have a certain degree of competitiveness.

Gome Mobile S7 parameters
Phone modelGOME S7
screen size5.7 inches 18: 9 full screen
processorMediaTek 8 core processor
frequency8-core A53 1.5GHz
Body memory64GB
Run memory4GB
Main camera 13 million + 8 million pixel dual camera, PDAF
Front camera13 million to support beauty
Body weight
body colorblack
operating systemCustomize GMOS 2.0 based on Android 7.1
Network formatMobile / Unicom / Telecom
price1299 yuan

Appearance process:

On the positive side, Gome S7 is equipped with a 5.7-inch screen, using 2.5D glass, the screen edge gives a sleek feeling. The use of a full screen 18: 9 ratio can also be said to be the most mainstream configuration, but adopted The 720P's resolution gives a few discounts on how it feels. The top of the camera is the front camera and handset.

The overall design of the phone is relatively symmetrical, the width of the upper and lower borders of the screen is almost equal, and the interface of the bottom of the phone and the position of the speaker microphone are also quite symmetrical. The 3.5 mm headphone jack is designed in the middle of the top of the fuselage.

On the airframe, GOME S7 is a metal fuselage, using the current three-stage design, with a metal wire drawing effect on the back. The middle frame and the upper and lower sections are filled with polycarbonate, ensuring that the signal overflows and has a round machine Body line. S7 is equipped with a dual-lens module, using 13 million +8 million dual-color lens combination, Gome S7 is a very personal dual-camera fusion in the antenna and the metal part of the stitching, the back of the fuselage can also be seen Circular fingerprint module, unlocking speed is very fast.

The machine's battery capacity is 4000mAh, the whole machine gives a slightly thicker visual experience. However, it is not very difficult to hold it in the hand. The button has a concentric circle texture, moderate key path, feedback force and touch on the touch are very good.

Face and fingerprint complementary experience

Although relying on fingerprint recognition to unlock mobile phones has become a habit for many people, it cannot be denied that there are always some embarrassing problems with unlocking your mobile phone with your fingers. When you are outdoors in the rain, your fingers are wet, cold winter, and you cannot wear gloves and gloves. Normally unlocked.

With the introduction of face recognition, the unlocking of mobile phones has become more diversified. At present, thousands of thousands of machine products that can use face unlocking are gradually increasing. Faces can be swiped into mobile phones without entering the system. The algorithm has been improved, and the accuracy of face recognition in the industry can reach 99%. It is entirely possible for your phone to only 'know' you.

In GOME S7, in addition to applying 'face recognition' technology to mobile phone unlocking, it will also be implemented in the application lock. In short, GOME S7 can re-encrypt the application and add another security protection to some applications. The user can enter the protected application by using fingerprint or face.

In addition to applying the 'face recognition' technology to unlocking mobile phones, GOME S7 also implements the stealth function of Face-Me 2.0. Through the face recognition technology, the mobile phone can identify whether the user of the mobile phone is the owner or not. Differentiate the display information. For example, when the mobile phone calls or text message, if the non-operator picks up the mobile phone, the mobile phone will only display the message 'unknown call' and 'you have a message'. When the owner picks up the mobile phone, the mobile phone can Display caller and SMS message content.

GOME S7 uses a combination of 13 million + 8 million dual-lens combinations. The main lens 13 million is mainly used for taking pictures, and 8 million sub-lenses can also be individually imaged, its main role is to shoot wide-angle photos, can be adjusted in the camera settings Take the wide-angle mode. Although it is two cameras, but different from the dual camera on the market, the two lenses of the Gome S7 did not work together. Here is a sample shot.

Gome S7 also has a dual-camera function such as background blur, optical zoom, etc. You can also adjust the degree of blur of the background after you take a picture. The camera can turn on HDR mode to enhance dark light shooting at night.

In terms of hardware, Gome S7's highlights are mainly high front and rear cameras, with a front camera 13 million and a rear camera 13 million + 8 million dual camera, can bring thousands of mainstream camera experience. In addition, built-in 4000mAh large-capacity battery, making The whole life of the machine is excellent. It has added double fingerprint and face recognition, which also improves the safety performance of the machine.

However, GOME S7 is also a shortcoming compared to other thousand yuan products, mainly the screen resolution and processor, as mentioned earlier, the aircraft screen resolution is only entry-level 720P HD, and the current price of mobile phones, Such as red rice and glory play series products, are using 1080P resolution. The other is a processor, the United States and the United States S7 use MediaTek MT6750 is an entry-level processor, using the 28nm process, the overall power consumption is high , Equipped with 8 A53, built-in Mali-T860MP2 graphics core, support for LTE Cat.6 full Netcom, performance is an entry level, and there is a certain gap between the remaining competing products.

Finally, let us summarize this Gome S7 mobile phone. From the product's configuration we can see that the S7 is an entry-level product. He has the iconic full screen and dual lens of the smartphone in this era, but the hardware configuration is slightly Weak, but Gome itself has a strong channel advantage, this phone can use this advantage to enter a deeper market for sales. This product allows users with multiple regions to experience a full-screen mobile phone product with face recognition.