Enable Rate | 'Together Spring' | Together with you, to be your mother's best child

Lung Ying-tai said that people will be old and will be white, but maternal love will be eternal.

Another year is Mother's Day. Are you planning to buy a bouquet of flowers for your mother, or say a word of gratitude, and send a warm hug?

It's better to give my mother a caring, safe and practical gift. My thanksgiving mother gave us life, I thank my mother for her meticulous care, companionship, and persistence.

For mothers who are busy all the year and doing housework, they can easily and comfortably wash in a comfortable hot bath, wash away fatigue, and relax. This is also the greatest hope of their children. The rate of 'quiet spring' live voice The zero-cold water heater can perfectly satisfy our needs, turning every heat into a full of love, just like the meticulous love my mother gave us.

Mom's health and safety is our biggest concern

The ability to 'quickly enjoy spring' cold water heater, just like my mother guarded us as safe to protect her mother. She uses the built-in circulation pump, the tap is open, hot water is coming, close to protect the mother's comfort and health.

In addition, the rate of 'Jousi Spring' can be set for three periods of the cycle heating reservation function, which perfectly meets the need for three times a day hot water heating with hot water peaks (washing in the morning, washing dishes after dinner, bathing before going to sleep ), Really achieved zero waiting for hot water.

It's kind of beautiful. I told you to grow up. You're not old. Health is good!

Older mother needs more humane care

Mom cares for the child's beautiful heart, and her ability to 'quickly enjoy the spring' also uses the connotation of science and technology to bring the glory of human nature to her mother.

The energy rate 'Jousiquan' has an intelligent main control screen. Voice prompt function setting can instantly real-time voice broadcast water temperature when temperature is set. When set at high temperature (above 50 degrees), the water heater will broadcast 'high temperature water, please pay attention to burns. ...'

She can also intimately set the amount of water for the bath for her mother, and it will automatically memorize the set value. It can be used again without re-setting. The live voice broadcast function is a great news for older mothers. Don't worry about worrying that mom won't operate the water heater.

The unique 17-segment temperature setting of 'Toshosen' can easily select the desired temperature. The minimum hot water temperature can be set to 32 degrees. You can enjoy the right temperature in hot summer or kitchen water. Feel that everything is so comfortable and pleasant.

The energy rate 'Jousi Spring' uses a patented silent impeller, which uses aerodynamic principles. Through the control of the air volume and the optimization of the air duct, even during full-load operation, there will be no uncomfortable feelings. Keep mothers away from noise disturbances. .

The energy rate 'Jousi Spring' is like mothers and it holds a thrifty virtue.

Thrifty is the most conspicuous label of many Chinese mothers. The ability to 'quickly enjoy the spring' is just like mothers, always adhering to the virtues of thrift.

The model has a one-key energy-saving function, without changing the temperature, just press the energy-saving mode key, it can automatically reduce the amount of water, and ensure that the water temperature of the outlet water is constant, can be used to wash hands, vegetables and other small flow of life with hot water Use occasions. Saving a lifetime mother no longer has to worry about wasting water and gas.

In my heart, my mother is always the goddess.

My mother has always been the family's face value, and her ability to 'quiet spring' is also the 'goddess' in the water heater. Unique elegant gold shell, accompanied by black intelligent control panel, live voice reminder, clock, volume control display, elegant Luxury, no matter where you are, is a beautiful landscape in your home.

There is the ability to 'quiet spring' such a 'goddess' to accompany her mother, take care of her mother attentively, give my mother meticulous care, but also give me enough comfort in the spirit level.

It's just good time. Your mother is not old.

There is a profession in the world, no pay, no holidays, no resignation, no matter how hard you have to support it. This career is - Mom.

Time is always inadvertently taking away too much, unprepared. Anti-nurturing maternal love is our due responsibility and obligation for each child. We should cherish the mother's great selfless love and care for the elderly mother.

What are you waiting for? The time is right 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 趁 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速 速!