Air conditioning promotion in advance | 'Summer price' |

Although it has just passed the summer heat, there is still some time away from the summer, but the air conditioners of major brands in the home appliance market of this city have already entered the promotional period. The reporter learned from the interview that some stores started early this week as early as the preferential 'summer price'. 'Attract consumers' attention.

It is understood that this year's air-conditioning promotion has begun quietly since the beginning of this week. In recent days, the reporter visited several chain stores in the city and learned that many domestic brands including Panasonic, Panasonic, Gree, TCL, Midea, Hisense, Oaks, etc. , Daikin, Mitsubishi and other joint venture brands have joined the first round of summer sales this summer. Whether they are high-end inverter models or entry-level low-power hookups, they all have substantial margins. With a domestic brand of 1.5 pitches For instance, the current selling price has fallen from more than 3,000 yuan at the beginning of the year to less than 2,500 yuan. Another fixed-frequency hook-up of 1.5 horses has reduced the price to less than 2,000 yuan. The high-power high-end products currently have 2 horses. The hot and cold hook can basically offer up to 3300 yuan, but the higher power high-end frequency conversion models, it is 800 yuan to 1500 yuan or so.

According to merchants, this year's air-conditioning sales promotion started earlier, so judging from the current situation, various models of various types of models are relatively abundant. The space for consumers to choose is relatively large. It is also understood that they are at the beginning of promotion. Delivery and commissioning appointments are also very convenient, and some manufacturers also bundle air-conditioning maintenance services into promotional activities, eliminating consumer worries.