Omar refrigerator sales hot, special peak season continues

With the gradual increase in temperature, the domestic refrigerator market has also ushered in the best sales season. For major refrigerator companies, the sales season is the top priority for sales. Therefore, discounts are rarely seen on weekdays. Appeared. Coupled with new home decoration, upgrading and holiday spending and other factors stimulated, the home appliance market across the country set off a wave of refrigerator buying rush.

Recently, the author visited the offline appliance stores and found that many refrigerator brands are mainly promoting the concept of frost-free and slim embedded refrigerators. Such refrigerator products are also highly sought after by the market. The sales of air-cooled frost-free refrigerators of famous brand Omag refrigerators are particularly popular. Refrigerator sales rose steadily over the past two weeks. In particular, Omar's slimline refrigerators grew rapidly.

Omawang season promotional hot, slim products market acceptance

In the Omagh Refrigerator Shop, Miss Yao, who purchased an Omagel four-door BCD-255WFHA refrigerator, introduced that 'just in time during the 51st wedding room to be renovated, I bought the refrigerator's goal is very clear, because the newly-married room is reserved for the refrigerator. This time I plan to buy a refrigerator that can be fully integrated into the cabinets. By comparing several brands, only Omar's body size is appropriate. Other brands' embedded refrigerator bodies are still too thick. After embedding, the door body will still protrude. , Some elderly or children in the family, walking unwittingly can easily be smashed and touched, choose Omar this refrigerator is in line with my integration design requirements for kitchen appliances, plus Omar refrigerator reputation accumulated for many years in the export champion, I think Omar refrigerator is trustworthy'.

It is understood that in order to meet consumers' demand for air-cooled and slim products, Omar refrigerators started the peak season promotion activities in early April, and adhered to the 'high quality and excellent price' market route, cooling the cross winds, slimming off and French four. The refrigerators model popular in the market such as the gates 'President Huisman', and the use of 'old for new', 'send six-year warranty gold card' and other multiple promotions, to create a distinctive high-quality consumer experience for consumers, saving time and money At the same time, making shopping more convenient, and more importantly, responding to the national call for environmental protection, implementing uniform treatment of old household appliances, allowing old customers to solve the troubles of old appliances, and at the same time, they can purchase a satisfactory refrigerator with good quality at a favorable price.

Export quality ingenuity, special seasons continued

According to a staff member from the Omar site, the Omawang season promotion will continue for one month. This activity has great incentives. Each store has a long-standing energy reserve. With the return of the May 1 holiday crowd to the city, this part of the consumption was delayed. Demand is expected to be released again after the holiday season. In the near future, we plan to purchase refrigerator consumers and we must seize this time. Omaghine Refrigerator Promotion aims to create a distinctive high-quality consumer experience for consumers and is committed to Break through the bottleneck of price, strive to make more domestic ordinary people home can also use the best-selling refrigerator in Europe.