Washed well | Haier washing machine can wash clothes spell | 'World map'

37 kinds of materials, 156 kinds of styles, 1927 pieces of clothes, took 96 hours.... Haier washing machine made a special 'world map' for the global users in the form of video. This 'world map', Not only is Haier's washing machine technological strength demonstrated, but it also highlights the 'Haier trend' created in the world's washing machine industry.

The reporter learned that this special 'world map' includes high-end materials such as velvet, silk, suits, and furs, cotton, linen, sports, shirts, and home textiles. After finishing the 'world map', all clothing is included. The fabrics were sorted and sent to the Haier Clothing and Care Center for washing. After comparing the details of the two 'world maps' before and after washing, both cleanliness and suppleness were significantly improved. It is worth mentioning that the clothes used in the map are provided by the Haier Yilian Ecological Alliance Enterprise, such as Annunciation, Fuanna, Hailan House, Wensli, and Xinour.

This "World Map" video was uploaded to the Internet and spread rapidly. As of this writing, there have been 1 million videos played. Users have praised Haier washing machines: not only washed out the world, but also washed out new heights, high-end laundry Nursing is no longer a problem. Indeed, in traditional concepts, high-end clothing represented by lint is not machine washable. To break through this industry problem, Haier has innovated air-wash technology to restore clothing while cleaning it with variable-temperature steam. High-end clothing such as activity, silk, and cashmere can be perfectly washed. Many foreign media such as The Wall Street Journal praised its succession with washing and dry cleaning, and created a third washing method.

In addition, Haier pioneered a series of washing machine products, not only leading the industry in terms of scientific and technological strength, but also leading the industry in the trend of washing and washing. For example, a direct drive washing machine, a motor output two kinds of power, to save the user 55% Washing time, leading the industry's 'fast wash' trend; no-clean washing machine innovation 'wisdom ball' technology to prevent dirt from adhering to the wall, leading the industry's 'healthy wash' trend; fiber see washing machine, automatic identification of clothes and with exclusive wash program , Leading the industry 'smart wash' trend ... These leading technology products of the world trend, has become the best example of Haier to create 'clothing world map'.

Innovation of original technology, product iteration, satisfaction of user care requirements, leading trend of industry maintenance, Haier washing machine can become the 'leader' to redefine the pattern of world care, and has a direct relationship with the strong R & D strength behind it.

At present, Haier’s revenue in the global market is 100% from its own brand. The overseas brand has achieved remarkable results. In terms of globalization, Haier has set up 10 R&D centers, 24 industrial parks and 108 manufacturing centers in the world, forming a 'trinity'. The localization layout, and the world's top 10 R & D centers as the tentacle, the formation of user-led technology and innovation 10 + N mode, quickly respond to local user needs, thus becoming the creator of the global trend of personalized care.

According to Haier's just announced quarterly report of 2018, the retail sales of Haier's washing machine market reached 32.20%, which was 1.76 times that of second place. It continued to rank first in the industry. In response, industry sources stated that with the deepening of Haier’s strategic transformation, The creation of the first eco-brand of global smart homes featuring 'ecological assets' will have a profound impact on the entire household electrical appliance industry.

Driven by the 'one-man-one-in-one' model, Haier insists on user-centricity, and through the creation of an open and innovative ecosystem, leads the Chinese home appliance industry from the 'technical introduction' of the past, reverses it to today's 'technical output', and becomes global User's choice. As of now, Haier's washing machine has ranked first in the world for the 9th year with a market share of 14.6%. It provides personalized washing programs for users all over the world and has become a leader in real-world industry trends.