Press | 'Pair' | Charges? Air Conditioning Maintenance Beware of various routines

Yesterday’s news “The Air-Conditioning of 300,000 Air Conditioners is Still Not Cool enough” tells the public that Mr. Li spent more than RMB 300,000 to install central air-conditioning for his villa. However, the cooling effect was far from satisfactory. After the summer heat, the reporter discovered that there was still no Small citizens have such encounters. For example, on some community websites in Xiamen, there are many netizens posting that they have encountered 'air conditioning is not cooling'.

Some of the common problems of consumers - 'air conditioning is not cooling', in the end is what causes it? Summer is coming, what are the common pitfalls of air conditioning repair and maintenance in our daily lives? Reporter interviewed industry insiders.

Do you add ammonia without refrigeration? Don't be fooled

Some unscrupulous merchants and maintenance workers immediately asked customers to add ammonia when they heard 'no cooling'. An industry insider who has been in the air conditioning maintenance and repair industry for nearly a decade said that in fact, central air-conditioning and wall-hanging, cabinet-type air conditioners The principle is similar, if not cooling, not all refrigerant shortage.

First, it may be caused by too much dust accumulation in the internal and external machines. Secondly, the aging of air conditioners and the uncoordinated proportion of air-conditioning refrigerants may cause such problems. Third, it may also be the internal failure of air conditioners, such as internal The connection pipe is damaged, causing leakage of refrigerant.

According to industry sources, if it is the first case, it can be solved by simply cleaning it. If the air conditioner ages, it is a long service life and it is recommended to replace the new air conditioner. If the refrigerant is out of proportion or the air conditioner has an internal fault, it is recommended to ask professionals to overhaul it. .

Maintenance Cleaning Air Conditioning Attention 'Charging Unit'

There are also industry sources, some of the informal air-conditioning cleaning and maintenance company, there will be secondary charges.

In addition, some businesses mark the cost of repairing or cleaning air conditioners instead of using 'Taiwan' as a unit, but they are charged according to other units such as 'patch'. If it is a less formal business, customers will not take the initiative to inform them when they ask. But after the 'afterwards' to say. 'For example, cleaning air conditioning, the business price is '80 yuan / horse', the customer thought it was 80 yuan each, when asked, businesses do not take the initiative to explain, or vague past. 'The owner of a domestic company said, In fact, the air conditioners in some customers' homes are 1.5 horses or even 2 horses, 3 horses. After the on-site cleaning process or after the cleaning was completed, the merchants pointed out this point, which is equal to the 'price increase'.