The old driver of life: How dirty is the air conditioner not cleaned in a year?

After the May 1st, the temperature rose, and it was getting closer to air conditioning work. However, have you ever wondered what the interior air conditioning is like after last year's use of the air conditioner in the past year and the rest of the winter? Is it necessary to clean air conditioners before they are employed? Today's old drivers talk to you about air conditioning cleaning.

Air-conditioning pollution is one of the main factors of indoor air pollution in summer. From the perspective of common air-conditioning operating principles, air-conditioning uses a period of time, due to repeated air circulation, air-conditioning internal heat sink frequently exchange hot and cold air, condensation water produced here, Long-term in a humid environment, dust, germs easily proliferate in large quantities.

It's very simple to wash your air conditioner yourself:

The first step is to clean the external unit condenser and fan: Do not need to remove the shell, rinse with tap water, be careful not to get the water to the electrical components.

The second step, clean the filter inside the machine: Open the movable cover, remove the filter, rinse with tap water.

The third step is to clean the internal evaporator: After removing the filter, you can see the metal fin evaporator, prepare a bottle of special air-conditioning cleaner, and evenly spray the cleaner into the evaporator in the power-off state. Wait 10 After starting the air conditioner five minutes later, the dirt will flow away with the condensate.

Of course, if you don't want to do your own cleaning, you can also pay for it through a professional cleaning platform. There is also a more permanent way, that is - for a self-cleaning air conditioner, to take away the dust from the evaporator through the air conditioning cleaning process and Bacteria can not only keep the interior of the air-conditioner clean and hygienic at all times, but also allow you to have more healthy indoor air when you turn on your air conditioner.

Regular cleaning of air conditioners will not only keep air conditioners operating efficiently, but will also allow air conditioners to regulate room temperature while keeping the indoor air fresh and away from dust secondary pollution, which will also allow us to ensure health in use.