Casa Imperial refrigerators occupy over 10,000 yuan in the first full-price segment market

According to the data from the 17th week of 2018 in China Yikang, Casa Di Refrigerator continues to lead the high-end refrigerator market, with an overall share of 9.9%, achieving the highest proportion of historical breakthroughs, of which the market with over RMB 15,000 accounted for 39.8%, ranking first in the industry. 1. The market share of over 10,000 yuan was 35.5%, and continued to lead. With the original cell-grade preservation program, Casa Di Refrigerator won the first place in the hot season of traditional home appliances with a share price of more than 10,000 yuan.

According to data from Ove Cloud Network, during the May 1st period, the high-end refrigerators were affected by the holiday economy, and the sales volume and sales ratio continued to increase. There are two main factors behind this. One is the increase in material wealth, and the stable macroeconomic environment. The operation, residents' income, and consumer confidence are all new highs, adding momentum to the May 1 market. The second is the iterative upgrade of the consumer concept. The main appeal of users to purchase refrigerators has been to refresh the basic storage of fresh ingredients, optimize the preservation effect, and obtain healthy nutrition. The food ingredients preservation scheme is progressive. This trend has created opportunities for the development of high-end refrigerators, especially new refrigerators equipped with original technology, and also indicates the direction for industrial restructuring.

Casa Imperial refrigerators can take the lead in the peak season of home appliance sales. The fundamental reason is the continuous iteration of refrigerator products to achieve an efficient match with the needs of high-end users. Taking the F+ free-standing refrigerator as an example, unlike the traditional refrigerator, the card is different from the traditional temperature control and preservation. Sadi original MSA oxygen-control and fresh-keeping technology pays more attention to the regulation of oxygen concentration, combining temperature control and oxygen-control technology in the same refrigerator, which means iterating Casa di cell-level preservation on the basis of the highest preservation standards in the industry. Technology, to achieve double-effect lock fresh. Experiments show that when the two beef pieces with the same preservation thickness are 5mm, the beef has dried and hardened into a 'paper piece' after 5 days in the ordinary refrigerator. No matter whether it is the surface color of beef, Moisture, taste, no different from fresh beef, this cell-level preservation program more in line with the preservation of high-end food ingredients.

In the high-end consumer environment, only focusing on the product itself has been difficult to maintain user stickiness, but also need more insight into the user's psychological consumer experience, Casa Di relying on F + free embedded refrigerator as the representative of the high-end refrigerator product matrix, to provide users with Azimuth high-end refrigerator scene service, with the precise grasp of the needs of the user cell-level preservation, top sales charts. This demand insight from the Casabdi deeply plowed for years of people-one-in-one model, user demand-driven research and development Production, through the promotion of supply-side disruptive innovation, breaks the status quo between supply and demand information is not equal, thus, to enhance the quality of life of users Casa Di high-end manufacturing refrigerator was born.

With the increasing number of hot sellers such as May 1, Double Eleven and other similar home appliances, in order to gain an advantage in a fiercely competitive market, the Casa Di model is worthy of industry reference: Only by truly returning to the user-oriented standard and actively embracing the era of consumer sovereignty To win the market with quality products that meet the needs of users.