Samsung Wireless Smart Headset August Released: Mixed AR/VR Features

Earlier claims to support 8K display Apple VR helmet, is expected to be available in 2020. And as Apple's old rival Samsung is planning to display its wireless smart headset device in August this year.

Samsung plans to display wireless smart headsets at the IFA Electronics Show in Berlin in August this year, which combines AR/VR functions.

Previously Samsung had released the Odyssey Mixed Reality Helmet, but Odyssey needed to be connected to a computer to use it. This wireless version will also carry Samsung's own processor and sensor.

Samsung Odyssey

Samsung also reached a cooperation project with Microsoft. Microsoft is responsible for making software systems for Samsung's new AR/VR helmet. Let it continue to use the Windows MR platform. Microsoft's solution greatly shortens the development process of Samsung AR/VR software. The Windows MR platform is rich Game and application ecosystem, and there are a large number of users.

However, Samsung and Apple tend to skip tickets for innovative products. They don’t know who is better at this smart headset device. However, Samsung’s biggest advantage over Apple’s is the ability to produce head-mounted devices. OLED screen. Are we seeing this product at the IFA Electronics Show in Berlin in the summer? Let's wait and see!