Google is developing three smart watches: will support GPS, LTE and VoLTE technology

At the 2018 Google I/O Conference, Google renamed Android Wear to Wear OS. And updated its assistant function to make its AI voice function closer to Google Home and Android phones.

Recently, the German technology website reported that Google will develop three smart watch products of its own brand. The report said that the three smart watches Google is developing are codenamed Ling, Triton and Sardine.

However, it is not clear in the report whether these are three completely different products or may be different versions that differ in size or function. In addition, the three products that Google is developing support GPS, LTE and VoLTE technologies. Some (or all) of these integrate heart rate sensors, or they can sense pressure levels.

For wearable devices, Google has recently been a frequent action, including the rebranding of Android Wear, a major upgrade of Wear OS, and cooperation with Qualcomm to build a dedicated chip.

In addition, at the 2018 Google I/O Conference, Google also introduced a lot of applications of the Wear OS smart watch in the health field. Recently, Google has announced that it will cooperate with Fitbit. This may mean that the Wear OS may be launched. More health related features.