U.S. Department of Transportation Drone Project | Amazon and DJI Excluded

On May 10th, the US Department of Transportation organized the '10 all-round drone project' corporate partners including Google's parent company Alphabet, Qualcomm and Microsoft, while Amazon and DJI Innovations were excluded.

The project aims to promote the application of drones in more fields. Virginia Tech, one of the winners, will work with these companies to explore the delivery of drones, emergency management, and basic equipment inspections. Applications.

The large amount of data generated by this project will be used to help the Federal Aviation Administration develop regulatory measures and regulations to meet the large-scale application of drones.

The Federal Aviation Administration must consider some issues before the project begins, such as whether or not drones can be shuttled across city streets.

And Elaine Chao, the U.S. Minister of Transportation, said that the demand for drones has grown rapidly. The government must 'enhance supervision' to ensure that drones can be safely used.

Ulaine Chao, Minister of Transportation of the United States

Amazon hopes to send express delivery via drones in the future. It is regrettable that the works of its participating teams have not been selected, but it still supports this project of the US Department of Transportation.

The Dajiang Science and Technology Company from China stated that it submitted more than a dozen entries but it was not selected. Dajiang said, 'We congratulate the winners and look forward to working with them on drone hardware, software, and technical support. Cooperation. '

Regarding why the Ministry of Transport did not choose Amazon and DJI Innovation, Jeff Rosen, Deputy Minister of Communications, said: 'There are no losers. They are all winners. This project is an important step in the process of integrating drones. . '