TCL refrigerator washing machine shines the first China Independent Brand Expo

On May 10, 2018, China's first self-owned brand expo was opened in Shanghai for a period of 3 days. The theme of this exhibition is 'China brand world sharing'. The purpose of this exhibition is to display the achievements of China's own brand development, expand the global brand awareness and influence, and shape the brand. China's own brand image, firm confidence in self-owned brand development, promotion of building a strong brand, and satisfying people's needs for a better life. The expo gathered a total of more than 50 exhibiting delegations, more than 600 domestic famous brand companies, and more than 100 innovative SMEs And more than 20 brand service agencies, focused on displaying their own brand of charm. The big country brand TCL took full category of flagship products to debut this expo. Among them, TCL refrigerator washing machine brought the latest touch-free contaminated washing machine and one-piece inverter wind that was released in March. Cold Crystal Cross four door refrigerator new products shine the audience, highlighting the power of big country brand innovation.

Farewell to the secondary pollution of laundry for a healthy home

Although the secondary pollution of laundry has been known to many consumers, the fact that the traditional washing machine is filthy is still “shocking”, and consumers call it an unbearable dirt. The TCL refrigerator washing machine has been paying attention since many years ago. The role of ice-washed household appliances in healthy living has been actively involved in the innovation and research and development of related technologies; it has created a non-fouling washing machine, and it has successively launched a pollution-free wave-wheel washing machine, a non-fouling drum washing machine and a contaminated barrel-in-barrel washing machine. In order to lead the needs of the era of health with pollution-free technology innovation, the internal pollution of the washing machine is isolated, the secondary pollution of the bacteria and heavy metals on the laundry, so that the washing machine is no longer filth, completely solved the pulsator, the two major categories of roller washing machine washing clothes The difficulty of cross-contamination between the secondary pollution problem and the clothing is difficult. It has become the founder of the free filthy system solution and the maker of the industry's pollution-free standard. He has practiced the great-nation brand with the entrepreneurial spirit of dare to dare to insist and won the Chinese light industry. Association's first featured product certification.

TCL Contamination-free washing machine is based on the actual needs of users. It is a brand-new upgrade 'free from pollution +' product core technology, from pollution-free to pollution-free +, TCL washing machine is through the continuous upgrading of product technology to create a healthier and smarter for users. Scraper. Each time is a brand-new laundry experience that refreshes the clothes; provides users with a comprehensive, full-process, full-life antifouling system; and provides users with a free pollution solution system solution, from purchase to use, regardless of the length of time. Will always be pollution-free, will not produce pollution during use, completely bid farewell to the secondary pollution of laundry.

TCL Contamination-Free Washing Machine uses the first low-temperature quick-drying condensing washing and drying machine, double-layer high-efficiency metal condenser, and achieves 40-minute speed washing and drying - 2 shirts 40 minutes fast washing and drying, ie quick-drying, 2 shirts 26 minutes fast drying; realizes low-temperature drying and protection at 50 degrees, so that even in wool, down, silk and other materials can be exquisitely dried during the low-temperature drying process, so that laundry drying no longer becomes a fast-paced life With 12KG large capacity washing space, to meet the needs of the family's large number of laundry at one time, multi-dimensional to meet the needs of modern families. Using motor, fan BLDC dual frequency conversion technology, to achieve 45 decibels washing mute, speed up to 1400 rpm, efficient operation Smooth, lasting 20 years of power use; T-DI intelligent precision automatic delivery system, 1.2 liters of large washing capacity, once added to meet the user needs for washing in January, creating a comfortable living space.

In order to bid farewell to the user's laundry cross-contamination and realize exclusive family-owned exclusive washing space, TCL Contamination-free Washing Machine was the first to create a '1+N' washing mode by virtue of its innovative inspiration from Russian matryoshka. 1+N exclusive space to achieve a washing machine to meet the exclusive needs of the family's health. Let a healthy life into millions of households.

Fresh health + dual strategy TCL refrigerator to create wisdom and healthy air-cooled home

TCL refrigerators have been persistently exploring the health threats of 'hidden' in refrigerators for a long time. Refrigerators are used as a storage space for family members' nutrition and health issues can not be ignored. In 2018, TCL refrigerators ploughed users' needs for food storage, focusing not only on the preservation of refrigerators. Technology upgrade, more emphasis on smart food storage of refrigerator ingredients.

TCL refrigerator 2018 new upgrade smart health 'air-cooled +' product brand strategy; in the realization of the fresh ingredients of the same time, focus on the user's wisdom and healthy life. The new one-piece frequency conversion crystal cross four refrigerators, fashion, high-end, elegant and Home decoration into one, the high value of appearance to make sense of quality, with the industry-leading technology and product advantages, in March AWE just won the 2018 Epland gold word of mouth award, has become one of the hot products of concern.

In daily life, refrigerators are used as home food ingredients to protect the 'risk' library, which can be eroded by various bacteria in the invisible compartment of the refrigerator, the corners where food ingredients accumulate, and the storage time period. The longer the time is, the greater the harm of erosion is, and the invisible health hazards are often overlooked. So how can we make good food ingredients bid farewell to bacterial erosion while keeping fresh? TCL Refrigerator is the first in the industry to achieve mildew level 1 antibacterial silver ion handles. Antibacterial rate of 99%, and the use of anti-mildew class 1 antibacterial door seal, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus sterilization rate of up to 99%, to achieve the external space of the refrigerator's health management; in the refrigerator, through the AAT intelligent degerming system, Remove 91.17% of the internal space of E. coli to protect the freshness and safety of ingredients, provide families with thoughtful health care. From fresh food storage to family health care, TCL refrigerators continue to promote product health and wisdom transformation.

TCL Integral-Frequency Air-cooled Refrigerator adopts multiple air-cooled + technology, integrated control of dual-frequency conversion technology to quickly create even storage space for food ingredients, achieve 2-minute quick cooling 1°C, lock fresh ingredients, and use full-space permanent AAT negative oxygen Ion rejuvenation technology provides dust removal, deodorization, sterilization, fresh care as a whole 360-degree maintenance of ingredients, realizing a fruit-vegetable/water-locking rate of more than 90% for 7 days; proprietary intelligent air-cooled, frost-free and fresh-keeping technology for food ingredients Constant temperature and humidity space, with large space partition storage, wet and dry zoning, 3°C mother-to-infant zone, -1°C fish meat thermostat lock fresh area, red wine tea health food special food storage area, etc., to make exclusive more professional, make fresh and more natural Really brings users from the shopping to the food storage, a full three-meal-a-day full-chain, smart and healthy life, and a refrigerator to become a real health insurance 'risk' library.

Facing the future, TCL refrigerators are confident in their confidence. Under the endorsements of the giant brand genes and continuous innovation, they will continue to actively act on the responsibility of big country brands, take user needs as the starting point, continue to deepen product technology innovation, and continue to meet people’s expectations The needs of life and hard work, in-depth interpretation of the essence of the big country brand, just as the 'China Brand Day' logo shows the same meaning to everyone: with 'grade, quality, taste' to represent 'Great Power Chi Creation'.

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