389 yuan! Huawei 4G routing 2 release: no network cable / dual-purpose machine

4G portable Wi-Fi is familiar to many people. Just plug in a 4G data card and you can use Wi-Fi anytime anywhere. However, this type of 4G portable Wi-Fi does not usually have a LAN port. If the Internet device does not have Wi-Fi function Too much trouble, need a router with LAN interface to do the bridge.

On May 15, Huawei will bring a new product, Huawei 4G Routing 2, which has now opened an appointment to buy, priced at 389 yuan.

Huawei 4G router does not need to pull network cable, only need a 4G traffic card to provide Wi-Fi and network port Internet access, plug and play.

its Two omnidirectional 4G antennas are built in to receive 4G signals at 360 degrees , Internet is more stable, in a small number of indoor or suburban areas such as weak signals, can be purchased separately external antenna to enhance 4G signal reception.

It supports 4G Netcom, Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom's three major operators all support, also supports mobile, China Unicom 3G, which 4G up to 150M high-speed Internet access, is 1.5 times the speed of 100M fiber.

When accessing the Internet via cable, the network port can access the optical cat. As an ordinary Wi-Fi router, it can be used as a dual-purpose machine.