Haier washing machine to wash the clothes of the world wash out | 'World Map'

On May 9th, 2018, a short video on the Internet “The World's Strongest Clothing World in the History of Haier Washing Machine” triggered a heated discussion among netizens. The playback amount exceeded 300,000 in just 3 hours. The video shows that Haier used silk, suede, etc. 37 kinds of materials, 156 kinds of styles totaling 1927 pieces of clothing, to create a 'world map'. Haier through the Haier Group, Casa Di, the commander of the three brands washing machine, different fabrics into different washing machines to achieve The best care for the clothing. Fully demonstrated that others can wash, and others can not wash, Haier washing machines can perfectly wash.

As you can see in the video, the clothes used in Haier's 'Clothing World Map' cover almost all the materials in the market, and the cleaning and care of these clothes naturally have different needs for care. These clothes were found at the Haier Clothing and Care Center. Suitable washing solutions. At the Haier Clothing and Care Center, Casa Divinia Washing Machine is specially developed for the research and development of silk and other fabrics. Its innovative air-washing technology is the ultimate in caring for clothes. Haier washing machine equipped with fast-drive technology, 1 motor Output of two kinds of power, greatly improving the washing efficiency, cleaning 1927 pieces of clothes contributed; the commanding washing technology carried by the commander of the Weizhen washing machine, can intelligently identify the water quality, provide the best care program for different clothing materials in the layout.

From the comparison of the 'Clothing World Map' before and after cleaning, it can be seen that the clothes before washing obviously have wrinkles and unevenness, and the washed clothes become bright and colorful, and the two 'world maps' are different. Scene. 'Others can wash clothes and can not wash clothes, Haier washing machines can wash, very powerful', there is a netizen commented. Indeed, this 'Clothing world map' in the clothes, by Haier Yilian ecological With the help of newspapers and magazines in the news, Hailan home, Fuanna, and other clothing and home textile companies, Haier washing machines can provide diversified clothing care solutions covering all categories, showing its technological innovation strength.

Throughout the development of Haier washing machines for more than 30 years, we have always been user-centered, insisting on original technology and products, and led the industry in a round of development. For high-end clothing, air washing technology cares for clothing through changing temperature steam and strong wind, cleansing clothing At the same time restore the activity of clothing, to solve the problem of high-end fabrics that cannot be washed at home; a double-drum washing machine has a dual-tube design that can provide adults and children with a separate washing and washing method. It is worth mentioning that Haier washing machine original technology has been imitated by the industry 20 times, and has become the source of science and technology for the world's washing machine trend. For example, the no-clean washing machine introduced for washing machine centuries of dirty bucket problems became the object of collective imitating in the industry six months after its launch, and it has become a global one until today. Healthy wash's typical representative of the trend.

The invention of these disruptive technologies stems from the global technological support of Haier’s layout. Under the guidance of the “one-in-one” model, Haier’s washing machine relies on a user-driven 10+N innovation model, which is implemented in all directions. Trinity's localization strategy responds quickly to the needs of local users, produces differentiated high-quality products, and provides personalized solutions for global users.

Recently, Haier's washing machine was endorsed by Reuters authorities, saying that Haier not only manufactures washing machine products, but also creates the trend of washing machines in the world. The heat transfer of Haier washing machine 'Clothing World Map' on the Internet has demonstrated its leading strength in products and technology. , Also further established its position as the creator of the trend of the world's washing machine industry. According to the latest data released by the world’s authoritative market research agency EuroCore International, Haier’s washing machine reelected to the world’s top in the 9th year with a market share of 14.6%.