Smart Health Upgrade | TCL Ice Wash Brand Dual Driver Step by Step to Win

Compared with the air-conditioning industry, it has good weather 'backing'. The survival and development of the refrigerator washing machine industry for parasite needs has been very difficult for several years. The market has been widely used. In recent years, consumer demand has also been affected by real estate policies. It has even been black and white last year. The skyrocketing prices of raw materials represented the rise in terminal prices, and the market demand was once in a stagnant state. The refrigerator washing machine company, which was already in the midst of cost, had cast a heavy embarrassment on the sales side.

How about the performance of the refrigerator washing machine in 2018, and whether the ice-washing companies will bear the weight of gold in their operations? AVC data predicts that the increase in washing machine and refrigerator market size in 2018 will be At 1.1% and 0.6%, the overall market for ice-washing has a narrow rise, and the incremental space is not as obvious.

In fact, last year's broadening of raw material prices represented by copper, aluminum, and steel products continued into this year, directly affecting the output of related ice-washing companies, and it is difficult to obtain sufficient satisfaction in addition to market demand. Leading ice-washing companies are The product structure's operational quality has been lifted upwards. By seizing a product point that is of particular concern to consumers and has a sustainable incremental space, it will be amplified and continuously iterated and continuously tapped into the depths of consumer upgrades to find a real expansion. The feasible path.

Overview of those products with potential for development in the refrigerator washing machine industry, intelligence, health, personality, etc. are highly respected by ice-washing manufacturers. In particular, health promotion is not only the winning formula for most leading white companies, but also the increasing focus of consumers. Concerned with the purchase of objects. At the same time, as early as 2016, the government released the "Healthy China 2030 Plan Outline", the National Health Lifestyle Action has been raised to the national level strategy, health has become the industry development trend.

Relevant forecasts show that by 2021, the market size of China's large-scale health industry will be close to 13 trillion yuan, which is a major new engine for China’s economic take-off after the outbreak of the Internet industry. The industrial market with a focus on health topics will The opportunity of rapid development has ushered in. The refrigerator washing machine industry is inseparable from the health of users. With the deepening of consumer upgrades, laundry health and preservation and health have become the focus of consumers to buy ice-wash products. However, in the stereotyped health products, consumers How can we find true and healthy intelligence products? Which ice-washing companies have more advantages and discourse power in health and intelligence upgrading?

For many years, TCL has been adhering to the concept of pragmatic and innovative ice-washing. It has deeply studied the needs of users' health and pain points. Unlike other companies, which are chasing healthy outlets, TCL's ice-washing business has paid close attention to the user's most fundamental health pain points since its inception, and has thus released a series of subversion. The traditional design of ice-washed products laid the foundation for the first two consecutive years of the TCL ice-washing brand in recent years. Especially this year, the TCL ice-washing product brand has double linkage, and has repeatedly made heavy inroads. The posture.

The product is upgraded again, leading to the deep spread of health wisdom

How to evaluate whether a product has a strong market competitiveness depends not only on its ability to subvert tradition, but also on whether it can truly meet the pain points that users care about. In product research, TCL ice wash is more Innovative product technology design based on user needs, brings thousands of users unprecedented health and quality of life experience.

Taking the washing machine as an example, TCL Ice Wash, after grasping the secondary pollution problem of washing machine and laundry that has plagued users for many years, broke through traditional technical barriers, changed the internal structure of traditional washing machines, and pioneered the new category of contaminant-free washing machines. Contamination washing machine, non-fouling drum washing machine and contaminated barrel-in-barrel washing machine, to lead the era of health needs with technological innovation, completely solve the problem of secondary pollution of laundry, and become the founder of the solution of the free sewage system. Standards for washer-type washing machine and China Light Industry Federation's first certification winner.

In particular, this year, TCL Washer upgraded its product brand strategy to 'Exemption+'. It is committed to providing users with 100% free effluent, which means that it is free of pollution in all directions, free of pollution in the whole process, and free of pollution throughout its life. Specifically, 2018 In 2010, TCL Washing Machine will take the lead in achieving the elimination of pollution from the entire product line under the line, and stop the investment in research and development of non-polluting products. In 2020, it will stop production of non-polluting washing machines. Step-by-step advancement will help eliminate pollution and become a standard of healthy living. With.

In the field of refrigerators, TCL is more focused on consumer health. It has ensured that its ingredients are fully fresh through healthy and reasonable storage for many years. It provides healthy solutions to users who are plagued with hidden threats to the preservation of multi-category foods. From this year onwards, TCL has upgraded its refrigerators. The product brand strategy is 'air-cooled+', that is, in 2018, the AAT smart degerming system unique to TCL refrigerators will be fully popularized for new products above 250L. It will be fresh, nutritious and healthy from ingredients. All new products are 100% loaded with antibacterial products. Door seals and antibacterial handles; According to the plan, by 2020, TCL refrigerators will strive to achieve healthy refrigerator sales accounted for 70%.

TCL refrigerators store smart, healthy foods from the outside to the inside for users through smart and healthy storage. It not only focuses on the technical upgrading of refrigerators, but also places greater emphasis on the smart and healthy storage of refrigerator ingredients. On top of the original integrated variable frequency air cooling technology, The permanent AAT negative oxygen ion fresh-keeping technology in the whole space, the innovative application of antibacterial materials and the AAT intelligent decontamination system lock fresh ingredients, protect the freshness and safety of ingredients, and provide comprehensive health care for the family.

TCL Refrigerator Washing Machine has launched innovative technologies and products for users' health pain points, and upgraded them on the original products. It continues to lead the in-depth popularization of health wisdom in the ice washing industry, and promotes the straight-line upgrade of health and wisdom products in the industry. Smarter refrigerator washing products come in.

Marketing becomes more sophisticated, driving brand promotion to win

Upgrading the product structure is a means for companies to stimulate user demand. It is also a strategy commonly used by many leading companies. In addition, brand marketing upgrades can drive brand promotion and deepen the impression of consumers. This is a very competitive ice wash. The industry can not be ignored. This year, TCL ice wash has made new innovations in brand marketing. After repeated promotions, the refrigerator sales market is particularly prominent.

On May 5th, TCL Refrigerator Washing Machine joined hands with Happy Twist Team's annual masterpiece Li Tea's Aunt, which was staged at the Anhui Grand Theater in Hefei. It provided local audiences with a highly interactive, entertaining and full of comedy. Feast. In line with the concept of inheriting and innovating the Chinese drama culture, the big country brand TCL continues to advance on the road of cross-border marketing. It not only presents face-to-face product communication and interactive experience to the user, but also presents the visualized scene-based product experience for users. The easy and entertaining way for the public shows a comfortable, high quality of life, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, this is not the first case of TCL’s cross-border brand promotion this year. In April of this year, the global conference of TCL & Neymar was held in Brazil, Sao Paulo, on the other side of the ocean. This was the first public appearance after TCL signed soccer giant Neymar. TCL The representative of the group granted Neymar a stamp of “global brand ambassador” status and responsibility. Neimar rebrewd the custom signature jersey to the TCL Group. Both of them held high-profile positions and doubtlessly added weight to TCL's refrigerator washing machine business to develop new markets overseas. Can spread healthy fashion to the world.

2018 is a sports year, World Cup, Asian Games and other major events will start one by one. The signing of Neymar is a sign that TCL's ice wash will accelerate the process of globalization with points. With the help of the passion of football, it will be a joy to pass through the international sports stage. The experience of TCL ice washing will also be highly popular in Europe, South America and even the world. It will effectively enhance the value of TCL's global brand, and let TCL's ice-washing health wisdom be more recognized by consumers around the world.

With the signing of Neymar, he helped the drama "Lee's Aunt", and TCL's ice-washing campaign continued to refine its marketing brand this year. He not only appealed to young people's brand enthusiasm through cross-border marketing, but also did not stick to the diversification of sports marketing. Explore more refined marketing models, step by step to win.

In fact, recalling TCL’s past marketing activities, we helped Shawn’s annual drama “Shakespeare Don’t Get Angry”, sponsored a weekly food/lifetime talk show, “The Spring, Summer, and Winter of Huang Xiaochu,” and TCL’s CCTV documentary “Great Power Brands”. "On line", TCL global creative projection advertising boarded the United States in New York and other cities in six countries, dubbed the Hollywood Chinese Grand Theater, and "X-Men," "Mission Impossible 5" "Justice League" and other Hollywood movies continued cooperation, etc. TCL Icewash has been exploring the concept of differentiated marketing of 'Cultural+Entertainment', as well as renewing the Chinese men's basketball team, handing the Minnesota Timberwolves to the NBA team, signing the global sports marketing model such as soccer star Neymar, and opening up 'Cultural+Entertainment+Sports' ' Diversified marketing methods to fully promote TCL's brand tone with mesh brand promotion. This year, TCL Bing continued to adhere to this marketing strategy.

Written at the end:

Under the dual drive of product upgrade and brand optimization, TCL IceBrush pioneered the market initiative in the first half of this year and continuously explored opportunities to seize the opportunity to realize quality growth. In 2018, TCL Ice Wash sales throughout the year. The target is 4.5 million units. We have reason to believe that under the pre-judgment of narrowing growth in the ice washing market this year, TCL Ice Wash will achieve the desired goal through product and brand two-wheel drive, and achieve the goal of a full-fridge washing machine industry. Road overtaking.