Haier 0 frost freezer to meet the fishing season so that the table does not lack | 'fresh'

Since May 1st, many countries in China have entered the fishing season. Many citizens choose to purchase seafood products to freeze on their own before the fishing season to meet the needs of daily fish. However, the frosting of refrigerators causes the fish to produce firewood and the flavor is insufficient. Poor taste and other issues have also greatly reduced the effect of fresh seafood storage. In response to the user's pain point, Haier's leading industry launched the first 0 frosting freezer, with the world's only air-cooled and frost-free technology, to provide the best storage environment for seafood and other ingredients , To show users the strength of Haier's original technology in the world.

It is understood that this year's Huang Bohai off-fishing period is still an 'extended version', starting from May 1 for a period of four months. During the fishing season, the supply of seafood and fish decreased, and the seafood market prices have risen. Some high-value fish have risen by 30%. Above, there is also a general increase of 10% in marine products. The survey showed that the medium-sized Ma Jiao fish increased from about 60 yuan per kilogram to more than 80 yuan, white carp rose from 140 to 160 yuan to more than 200 yuan and so on. With the arrival of the period, many citizens have snapped up fresh seafood and stocked up for four months.

However, while the freezer to a certain extent satisfies people’s demand for seafood, the frosting of the freezer has also brought troubles to users. Some citizens have reported that 'fresh seafood in the freezer will not be long enough to form a thick layer of food. Cream, the taste will also be affected. 'This is because seafood has a relatively high requirement for frozen storage due to the special growing environment. According to experts, no frost, low temperature is an ideal environment for seafood preservation, below -18°C The freezing conditions can partially inhibit the microbial growth and reproduction of marine products and the enzyme activity in seafood.

The frosting of ordinary refrigerators seriously affects the refrigeration efficiency of refrigerators, and the weak refrigeration directly affects the preservation quality of foods, leading to a reduction in umami taste and a strong smell. In addition, frosting will also cause ice crystals to form inside the seafood and other food ingredients. Breaking the cell wall leads to the loss of nutrients, which makes the fish firewood, greatly reducing the effect of seafood storage.

As a high-end food ingredient refrigeration expert, Haier Freezer differentiates the industry's direct-cooling cooling model and introduces the industry's first 'zero-frosting' fresh-keeping program. Its pioneering three-dimensional jet air supply technology uses vortex-driven variable-frequency centrifugal fans and hydrodynamic air ducts. The top air supply, the bottom suction, take away the excess water inside the cabinet, to achieve the industry's only true frost. Cooling speed, more uniform temperature and other conditions, provide the sea products without frost, constant temperature, strong freezing, etc. most suitable Storage environment to ensure the best storage.

At the same time, Haier frost-freezer 0 innovation in structural design, the top of the refrigerator set up double food baskets, the lower cold storage partitions, not only to ensure that the seafood and other seafood in the cold process cold flow, better frozen effect, but also different Seafood provides partitioned storage to avoid problems such as odor, bacterial cross-infection, etc. It is reported that in order to directly show the user the strength of zero frost on Haier refrigerators, Haier has performed a humidifier on the inner wall of the terminal store and has never frosted, with an innovative interactive demonstration belt. Intuitive, realistic, frost-free experience for users.

Under the guidance of the “one-man-one-in-one” model, Haier accurately grasped the market demand for fresh non-frost freezer ingredients. Through the globally-established 10+N open innovation system, Haier launched the Haier 0 Frost Freezer, providing users with high quality. The fresh food ingredients program restored the initial freshness of the ingredients. The launch of Haier 0 Frost Freezer, while consolidating the leading position in the Haier industry, has also created the best food storage experience for global users, leading the industry into 0 knots. Frost freeze preservation new era.