Do you have a washing and drying machine or a clothes dryer?

Many people believe that washing and drying in a washing machine is economical and environmentally friendly, especially when clothing that has been sun-dried has been able to kill. Therefore, when you are sunny, you walk into the streets and look up and see the blue sky. White clouds, there are a variety of clothing.

However, the current outdoor environment is deteriorating, and it is feared that drying clothes outside will attract a lot of harmful particles and endanger the health of the body. At the same time, when it comes to rainy weather, the clothes stay wet for a long time and it will not only breed bacteria, but also may cause mildew. Spots, causing the entire piece of clothing to be unusable.

In fact, in foreign countries, washing clothes with a washing machine and drying with a clothes dryer is a common practice. In recent years, more and more people in China are concerned about the issue of drying clothes. Now, the market is roughly divided into two categories. The first is washing machines. + The combination of dryers, the second is the use of washing and drying machines. So what type of consumer should choose?

Drying principle of drying

3. Is it good to wash and bake or separate clothes dryer? First of all, we analyze the principle of drying clothes.

Independent clothes dryer

In general, the dryer is mainly based on the principle of heat exchange. It draws cold air from the air pump, heats it to form a high-temperature air stream and blows it to damp clothing. After cooling, it takes away water to achieve the effect of rapid drying of the clothes. The type of dryer is currently used. Generally can be divided into two kinds of direct and heat pump.

Traditional straight-line dryers: The blower blows the heated air to the wet clothes, takes the water away, and discharges it from the rear air outlet. Because the structure is relatively simple and the cost is low, it is relatively low on the market. Machines are also cheaper but consume more power;

Heat pump type clothes dryer: Collects the heat generated in various stages of the drying process and recycles them to make the heated hot air temperature more uniform. Then the condensation system is used to condense the hot air from the wet clothes into liquid water and discharge it. Inside the barrel. Heat pump dryer This is the most high-end dryer on the market, of course, the price is the highest.

Washing and drying machine

After the clothes are dehydrated, the drying program is directly operated to perform constant-temperature condensing drying to solve the problem of laundry drying. When working, it is necessary to keep the cold water passing through the pipe network, reduce the external temperature of the pipe network, and evaporate the moisture on the clothes at high temperatures. When the surface of the pipe network is formed, drops of water are formed and then drained to achieve drying. If you do not turn on the faucet to dry, the steam will return to the clothes. The effect is not very good.

Washing and drying machine VS Independent dryer

Floor area

Generally speaking, the balcony and bathroom area of ​​the commercial housing are not large, and it is impossible to put more than one dryer at a time. Therefore, there is obvious advantage in washing and drying one machine at this time. However, there are special brackets that can be stacked one on top of the other. , However, there may be problems with security risks.

Drying capacity

The washing and drying machine is composed of an inner cylinder and an outer cylinder. For the entry type washing and drying machine, the same capacity of the washing and drying machine generally has a slightly lower drying capacity than the laundry capacity. For example, if it can wash 5 kg of clothes, Only 3 kg can be dried. So we often find that it will not be completely dry, and it is still tidal when it is taken out. The independent dryer has only one outer cylinder, so when the nominal capacity is the same, it can be baked once. More.

In fact, for the high-end washing and drying machine, the drying capacity can also be comparable to an independent dryer, but its price is also objective, generally ranging from 10,000 to 12,000 yuan.

Electricity consumption

From the principle it can be seen that the independent clothes dryer does not need to receive water, and the washing and drying machine needs to connect the drainage pipe, and the drying water of some dryers is not recycled, waste is very large, and there is also a certain requirement for water pressure. Rows of clothes dryer, due to the need to constantly heating the cold air, so the power consumption is more serious.


Obviously, the washing and drying machine is dominant. If an independent clothes dryer is not used to put the clothes into the clothes dryer in time, it will cause mildew and bacteria, and the washing and drying machine will put the clothes into it, so you don't need to control it. It's very convenient!

The folds of clothes

Independent clothes dryers are even more advantageous. We will all see that during the drying phase of the washing machine, the clothes will be strongly compressed. If the clothes are directly dried at this time, they will be bent and shaped.

When using a separate clothes dryer, the clothes will be taken out of the washing machine and shaken off and put in. This time, the clothes are made flat, and when they are dried, they are relatively less creased.

Drying temperature

In general, the drying temperature of the in-line dryers is generally up to 70 degrees. The heat pump dryers are maintained at about 60 degrees. The drying temperature of the dryers is generally around 65 degrees. All the dryers can be avoided. High temperature damage to clothing.

In the drying process, some washing and drying machines are not equipped with a drying filter, which causes the fluff of the drying place to stick between the condensation pipe and the inner and outer cylinders and cannot be cleaned. This leads to a certain odor of the dried clothes. .

Summary: Wash and bake one area is small, convenience is high, but capacity is small, drying is not complete, clothes are easy to wrinkle; and independent clothes dryer is faster and more efficient, but the power consumption is serious and convenience is poor. If you have a small space and pay attention to convenience, you can choose washing and drying machine; if you already have a washing machine, and there is enough space, then select an independent dryer.