Google's new ARCore 1.2 platform upgrade | AR application support multiplayer experience

The movie "Number One Player," which was released some time ago, once again allowed us to feel the power of virtual reality technology. Although major technology companies are continuing to develop virtual reality technology, we still feel a huge gap compared to reality.

At the 2018 Google I/O Developer Conference, we saw the newly upgraded ARCore 1.2 platform. The 'Cloud Anchors' feature allows AR applications to support multiplayer experiences.

As early as this March, Google closed its previous Project Tango project and replaced it with AR Core. Due to the higher cost of Project Tango, it has not received much support from OEM manufacturers.

However, the new ARCore is similar to Apple's ARKit. The flagship phone can be used without any additional hardware customization. At present, Google's own Pixel series and Samsung Galaxy flagship have already supported ARCore.

According to Google’s official description, you can play the AR version of the “Tic Tac Toe” game with your friends, and the video will be synced to the mobile phone screens of both. It can be said to be a true 'WYSIWYG'.

In addition, the 'Cloud Anchors' feature not only supports Android mobile devices, but also supports Apple's iOS devices. Although the development environment and algorithm architecture of the two are different, the data can be synchronized together using the Google Cloud, so that multiple users can be enabled. Connected together.

But now only supports iPhone SE, iPhone 6s series, iPhone 7 series, iPhone 8 series and iPhone X.