Apple wins display patents: or launches a round dial Apple Watch

On May 9, according to news reports from foreign media, Apple recently obtained a new patent that could be prepared for the wearable device Apple Watch. It is reported that this is a circular display patent.

As we all know, since the launch of the first generation of Apple Watch in 2015, Apple's smart watch has almost no change in appearance, all of which are of a rectangular design. Although the design of a traditional watch makes the Apple Watch highly recognizable, this does not exclude it. Apple will launch a round Apple Watch in the future.

Round Apple Watch Rendering

It is understood that circular display patents were originally filed after the Apple Watch generation, so Apple may release circular smart watches. Of course, the patent application does not mean that it will eventually be implemented on actual products. Perhaps this Apple is applying for reasons such as technical cards.

And now, the patented Apple, whether the future will really launch a round Apple Watch, we will wait and see.