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Brush the circle of friends... Look at Weibo... Taking a selfie with your phone has become a joy of life for most people, and it is an essential lifestyle for some people. Therefore, the quality of self-timed mobile phone experience has become a lot of users. Whether to buy one of the decisive factors of a mobile phone, Sina mobile phone now recommend excellent self-timer mobile phone on the market, so that you can take a self-portrait.

Mito V6 (Parameter Quotation Forum Software)

Reference price: 5099 yuan

Mito mobile phone has been the main hit young users, in the self-timer on the road is never 'say one', the latest flagship model Mito V6 is equipped with a before and after four cameras, including the front 12 million +500 megapixel dual cameras, with 2X1200 million sensitization Unit, equipped with full-pixel PDAF focus, equipped with OIS optical image stabilization, equipped with a fourth-generation dual image engine, equipped with a third-generation front-mounted smart fill light, night shooting, focusing speed, blur effect, artificial intelligence beauty, portrait effect There are no small improvements.

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Meitu V6 uses a 5.5-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. It is equipped with MediaTek Helio X30 nucleus processor, and is equipped with 6GB storage and 128GB storage. The battery capacity is 3100mAh, and it supports fast and fast charging (9V/2A), built-in ESS Hi -Fi chip, support dual card 4G full Netcom.

Click on the picture to see the details of Mito V6

Mito V6 has an unprecedented luxury image configuration. Both front and rear cameras use dual-pixel dual cameras. The main camera is a dual-pixel 2×12 million camera (Sony IMX362). The sub camera is a professional virtual camera. The front and rear cameras are equipped with OIS optical image stabilization technology. , The fourth-generation dual image engine AP + independent ISP, can achieve real-time focusing in 0.13 seconds at the fastest, and the front of the intelligent fill light and two sets of rear dual-color temperature flash, to ensure that any environment can be self-filled light shooting.

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