Sony XZ2 Travel Photography | Colorful Thailand Bangkok Night Market

Speaking of Bangkok, what I have to mention is the night market. When night falls, the other side of Bangkok starts to wake up. The night market, bars, and night clubs can make those night owls high. The night market can be said to be the Thai people's favorite thing to do. Tourists who travel as tourists are naturally a must-have option for travel. Next, we will take a look at the Sony Xperia XZ2 lens and take a look at the fashionable women and men in Bangkok, Thailand. The new train night market on the street. (Image source Weibo @ Aliang dll)

Speaking of the name of the night market, many people will confuse it with the beautiful attacking train market near the Anthaly Water Market. The reason for its name is because the market management hired the Thai Railway before the establishment of the night market. A night market was set up on a piece of land in the bureau. The name “train night market” was located on Srinakarin Road. However, the location was very far away. The BTS and the subway could not be reached. Plus the land may have new uses, so the night market management was in Bangkok. Ratchada Street found a piece of land and opened up a new market called 'New Train Night Market'. As it was located on Ratchada Avenue, it was called 'Ratchada Street Night Market'.

The new train night market is easily reachable. It is located in Ratchada Street, where the business district is prosperous. In addition, the market is full of unique street vendors, and everything is complete. One of the missed attractions and a great place to experience the featured bazaar.

What you eat is of course indispensable. It's very cheap to eat in Thailand. You can buy seafood in the night market for a few hundred bucks. After you're full, you can have some fresh fruit juice.

Of course, apart from food in the market, there is a booth for clothes and some small commodities, and even cosmetics can be bought.

Of course, there are lots of fun projects, and people have already sat in the bar late in the night.

In fact, when visitors go to Thailand, of course, the attractions are also visited. The Royal Palace is also a must-see destination.