Four Doors and Five Zones | Panasonic and Suning Tesco Announce First Annual Flagship Refrigerator

In recent years, with the improvement of the quality of life and consumption values, people have higher requirements for 'eating'. Not only do they have to be delicious, but also the ingredients must be more fresh. This leads to the consumer's demand for refrigerator products is no longer just satisfied with the product. Its own basic performance, but also has more personalized needs.

On May 8th, Panasonic and Suning Tesco jointly released the first flagship new product this year in Beijing – the large cross W621CG four-door and five-zone refrigerator, featuring two themes: healthy and large capacity. The innovative three-conversion greenhouse design can be freely combined. The user can switch freely according to the season or family needs to expand the space in the refrigerating and freezing room. It is also equipped with Panasonic's exclusive Ag sterilization net technology, which can be silently sterilized 24 hours a day. , Always ensure the refrigerator's internal environment is healthy and fresh.

New design, leading multi-temperature zone independent temperature control technology

Among the multi-door refrigerators, Panasonic has been leading the industry in terms of its precision in temperature control and excellent freshness preservation. Panasonic also applied the design concept of multiple refrigerators to the cross-door refrigerators.Four-door and five-temperature zone ' advanced design concept.

In addition to creatively designing three changing greenhouses, this product also includes an ultra-wide changeable greenhouse from refrigerated to frozen, to meet the individual needs of different consumers. Users can set the temperature of the changing greenhouse separately through the control panel. , Wide-variable greenhouse design has two free variable temperature sections: -3-4 °C per degree adjustable, -8--18 °C adjustable each degree, increased storage space, free and easy to use.

Fine control -3°C, micro-freeze, keep fresh for longer

We all know that the preservation temperature requirements for fruits, vegetables, and fish/meat are different, so the preservation of foodstuffs in unheatable fresh-keeping rooms will be greatly reduced. This W621CG large cross-fridge refrigerator is equipped with Panasonic's patented technology at -3°. C. Micro-freezing and fresh-keeping technology can keep fresh fish/meat and other ingredients for about 7 days. For meat, fish and seafood that need to be eaten in the short term, the micro-frozen only slightly freezes the cells, and it can be stored without thawing. Slicing, fast cooking. Not only nutrition will not be lost, the taste will be very good.

The live salmon presentation brought by the conference site gave guests a chance to experience the advantages of the -3°C micro-frozen fresh-keeping technology. After a -3°C micro-frozen, the salmon was not only flexible in surface but also very easy to cut. Compared to the traditional refrigerator The process of freezing and thawing not only preserves the freshness of ingredients, but also enhances the taste and makes it more convenient for cooking.

In order to solve the storage problem, this product has deliberately set up two independent temperature-controlled micro freezing / chilling / refrigerating switch rooms, so that different food materials can have their own fresh-keeping space, and will not put fruits and vegetables into the fresh-keeping room again. It's still fish/meat.

Insulation technology upgrade, new energy efficiency is more energy-efficient

Compared to other electrical appliances, refrigerators due to the long working hours, so everyone has been criticized as 'power-hungry'. The use of foam process technology is on the forefront of technology today, this W621CG new refrigerator, the density of the foam layer The higher the bubble size, the higher the insulation capacity and the greater the free volume of the refrigerator.

Overhead compressor technology, more reasonable use of space

In the family life, the rational use of space is crucial. How to use the structure of a large refrigerator more rationally, and the built-in volume is higher is a problem that refrigerator designers need to consider first. Panasonic designs large refrigerators. Using the unique Panasonic Core Overhead Compressor design, the capacity of the freezer compartment, which is frequently used, has been greatly increased, making the total effective volume of the W621CG reach 628L.

It is Panasonic's principle to use innovation to talk to the times. The hardship behind Panasonic's refrigerator brand's more than 60 years of R&D and its numerous innovations that insisted on self-subversion also established itself as a technologically advanced point in the industry.