World refrigerators | 'The era of Haier' | Branding: 10 years of global NO.1

It is an indisputable fact that China’s home appliances have hit the global market. This is not only reflected in the products manufactured by Chinese home appliance companies are sold worldwide, but also because China’s home appliances have created the world’s number one brand and established a brand reputation in the global market. A German user purchased a Haier refrigerator from Amazon. After the experience, he wrote a thousand words long in Amazon, saying that '5 stars praised this great product'. Before this, AFP also published Paris. Three generations of refrigerators in San Ciel Town were all from the Chinese brand Haier, reflecting the recognition of Haier refrigerators in the global market.

As the world's No. 1 refrigerator brand, Haier Refrigerator has achieved global NO.1 for 10 years in a row, ranking NO.1 in the Chinese market for 28 consecutive years. This is why, in early March, the “New York Times” published in the “World Refrigerator entered the lead of Haier. The article “China Times” is the best annotation for Haier Refrigerator successfully building the world's No. 1 brand.

Struggle Achievement: Global NO.1 for 10 consecutive years and China No.1 for 28 years

With the world refrigerator fully entering the 'Haier era', Haier, as the dominant player in this era, has achieved remarkable market performance for many times. On April 26th, Haier 1 quarterly data showed that in the first quarter, Haier refrigerators were The domestic market share was 34.56%, which was 3.08 times that of the second place. Previously, Haier Refrigerator also refreshed the historical record of the domestic market twice: The annual share of 35.18% became the first year's share since the statistics of Zhongyikang exceeded 35 % of the refrigerator brand; with a 39.9% market share to create the highest share of the single-week history. At this point, Haier refrigerator has been sitting on the throne of the Chinese market for more than 28 years.

In the global market, Haier Refrigerator has been ranking global NO.1 for 10 consecutive years. Euromonitor International data shows that in 2017 Haier Refrigerator took the 1st place in the global refrigerator for the 10th time with a 17.3% market share, and its leading edge is continuously expanding. , The gap with the Korean refrigerator is 2.5 times, and the gap with the American refrigerator brand has increased from 2 times 10 years ago to 4 times.

Retrospect and development: Haier is invincible with users as the center

Faced with the squeeze of a series of old foreign giants from Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, and the catch-up of the emerging Chinese refrigerator brands, what did Haier succeed in maintaining the leading inertia in the domestic market and leading the global refrigerator industry? We can find the answer from the evolution of refrigerators.

Looking at the development history of the global refrigerator industry, we can clearly see that European, American, Japanese and Korean refrigerator brands have mastered the right to speak in the industry for more than half a century. Whether it is market share, design concept or product technology, they once occupied the global refrigerator. The highest level of industry. At that time, the Chinese refrigerator brand was only a follower of the global market. However, by the 21st century, the center of the world refrigerator industry began to move eastwards. The Chinese refrigerator took over the baton and became the new leader.

As the epitome of global refrigerator brand competition in the world, when China's refrigerator market coincided with the “battle”, it gathered the world’s brands in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and local brands. The competition is fierce. Faced with this situation, Most companies adhere to the business-centric way of operating technological innovations and ultimately lose their favor and recognition. Once the brand no longer stays in the user's mind, the once strong brand share in the market will continue to shrink, even dies. Over the years, Haier Refrigerator has always been in an invincible position in its continuous evolution of 'user-centered' rather than 'enterprise-centric'.

Growth Steps: Realize Product Technology, Brand From Weak to Strong Butterfly

It is believed that careful people have discovered that for several years, based on the thinking of the “user center”, Haier has almost dominated every major change and development direction of the refrigerator industry, and has fully grasped the right to speak about global refrigerator product technology and standards. Achieved the transformation of Chinese brands from weak to strong. From the perspective of the growth of Haier, the world's first refrigerator brand, he has provided us with reference in these four aspects:

First, product technology: It is not imitation but lead.

From the perspective of the development of Haier Refrigerator, the original technology that has constantly been refreshed and 'touched high' forms a distinction with other brands, and also constitutes the cornerstone of the model's generation. In the 33 years since its founding, Haier Refrigerator has listed the list of subversive inventions. , You can see French doors opened by the industry collectively, fresh-keeping, refrigerators with F+, etc. Among them, as the world's first refrigerator that can realize full-space preservation, Haier’s all-door refrigerators are equipped with fine-controlled micro-channel technology. Wet and dry storage technology, intelligent constant temperature technology, to achieve cold and wet storage, frozen original, fresh food for the user to create home food.

Based on the pioneering of original technology, Haier refrigerators once again raised the elevation of the industry. On the one hand, Haier refrigerators led the development of international IEC preservation standards, becoming the first refrigerator brand in China to participate in the formulation of international standards; and setting the world’s first “wide space preservation standard”. , Establish the industry trend indicator. On the other hand, Haier Refrigerator won 708 public patents in 2017, far more than the sum of the second and third names.

Second, the localization layout: It is not a foreign brand but a Chinese brand.

In order to enter a brand-new market, we must first understand the needs of users and then realize differentiated production. To this end, Haier Refrigerators has achieved a 'triangulation, manufacturing, and marketing' trinity of localized layouts in multiple global markets. At the R&D level, Haier is relying on The user-led and innovative 10+N R&D model is tentatively based on the world's top 10 R&D centers, and is open 24 hours a day in parallel with N R&D forces throughout the world. It senses that the system collects user needs and creates demand. At the manufacturing level, Haier refrigerators are global Thirty advanced factories have been set up, with a capacity of 30 million in 2017. This will create differentiated products for users around the world, fulfilling the rapid satisfaction of user needs. At the marketing level, Haier has established 66 marketing centers around the world to achieve close-range customer service.

Based on the localization of 'Trinity', Haier Refrigerator has become a localized manufacturer and many different products have been created. For example, Haier has developed a 'not bent' refrigerator for Indian users' vegetarianism needs; according to Russian users, cattle and sheep The need for separate storage of fish, invented the 'cube drawer' refrigerator; according to the needs of European users to store large turkeys, it created a French-style large refrigerator, etc. It is precisely for this reason that Haier refrigerator sales in the European market as a whole in the first quarter Growth of 31%, 10 times faster than the industry; 39% year-on-year in South Asia, 91% year-on-year in Russia...

Third, global brand: not made in China but Chinese brand

Needless to say, in the domestic market, China's refrigerator companies performed generally well. The market share of the top five Chinese refrigerator brands in the past three years accounted for about 60% of the entire refrigerator market. Going abroad, due to technology, R&D, manufacturing, etc. Insufficiently, most of them chose to export by OEM to earn profits from foreign exchange earning. For a long time, they could only make second and third lines and turn China's manufacturing into a symbol of shoddy work.

Haier Refrigerator insisted on creating its own brand from the beginning of the sea and solved the remaining issues of other Chinese brands: First, the concept of “Made in China” without a brand concept is only a history of making money and internal consumption. The “China’s No.1” narrow-mindedness idea has always existed; the second is to accept the global awareness of all brands of household appliances consumer groups on a brand, rather than stay in the comparison of global production and sales. In recent years, Haier refrigerators have realized overseas income. 100% comes from its own brand, redefines the world impression of Chinese brands, and pushes Chinese innovation to 'Chinese invention'.

Chinese home appliances not only need to draw the map of the world economy in the future, but more importantly, they deeply influence the influence of 'Chinese brands' on the world economic map. Under the drive of the 'one person in one' model, Haier refrigerators are the world’s top ten consecutive champions and domestic markets. The 28-year-leading results show that it truly comprehends and achieves this goal. It is undoubtedly one of China's home appliance companies with global brand ambitions and will certainly build a path for Chinese companies in the history of Chinese manufacturing. The landmark international landmark.