High German Infrared takes China's core eco-environment |

“Over the past eight years since listing, we have continued to invest in R&D. At present, the company’s core competitiveness in core components and equipment and in the overall development of equipment in various technology fields has undergone a disruptive qualitative change. We must rely on technology to eat!' April On the 26th, Gao Dehong Chairman Huang Li expressed to investors at the 2017 Annual Shareholders' Meeting with confidence.

Gaode infrared is currently the largest domestic integrated photoelectric system and weapon system development and production enterprise with infrared thermal imaging technology as the core. It has obtained the overall R&D qualification of the complete weapon system. Huang Li led the scientific research team. After many years of hard work, it broke. The western technology blockade in this field for many years has achieved a number of domestic zero breakthroughs in high-tech products and is considered as a benchmark for military-military integration.

The reporter consulted the company's 2017 annual report. The company's operating income remained stable. In the current period, its operating income was 1.016 billion yuan, an increase of 25.44% over the same period of the previous year. Infrared thermal imager and integrated optoelectronic system achieved an income of 588 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.22. %, 57.86% of total revenue.

The infrared technology is the core of infrared detectors, from satellites, missiles, aircraft to the ground tanks, armored vehicles and other equipment, infrared detectors is the key. Because of this, Western countries have conducted a forty years of strict technical blockade of our country. In 2010, prior to the listing of Gore's infrared products, although the products occupied a certain market, the infrared detectors of the core devices all depended on imports, and the infrared detectors accounted for 70% of the total cost of the machine.

After many years of research and development, the company has developed a 'China infrared core' with complete independent intellectual property rights in the core components, creating a high-performance uncooled detector, a refrigeration mercury cadmium telluride, and a 'superlattice II' detector. Three infrared focal plane detector batch production lines broke the blockade of the West for many years.

At the shareholders' meeting, the reporter asked Zhang Yan, general manager of the company, about the core competitiveness of the company's chips and its application prospects. Zhang Yan said: 'Mastering the core technology of chip manufacturing, this is the lifeblood of the development of the infrared industry. The company currently researches and develops three infrared rays independently. The production line can not only achieve the import substitution of the core components of the military business, but also become the profit growth point of the civilian market in the future.

Specifically, the company's Class II superlattice infrared cooling detector chip has been prototyped in small batches. Compared with the mainstream HgCdTe infrared detectors currently on the international market, the material has good uniformity and low cost; and quantum well infrared Compared with the detector, the quantum efficiency is higher and the performance is better. The above features of the Class II superlattice detector will enable it to be widely used in modern high-end weapon equipment and satellite systems, and the full band coverage capability of such detectors The anti-missile system is of great significance. The infrared guidance system based on the second-class superlattice dual-color detector can effectively eliminate the impact of aircraft jamming missiles on missile targets and achieve precise strikes. Previously the chip was only produced in the United States, Israel and a few other countries could produce At the same time, Gaode Infrared has now completed a complete set of processes from raw material growth, chip processing, and refrigeration packaging to achieve national production from materials to components. The technology has reached the international advanced level and has successfully broken the foreign blockade.

In addition, the company's independently researched and manufactured HgCdTe refrigeration infrared focal plane detector chip is currently mass-produced. 'The company successfully completed the wafer-level packaging and is expected to achieve mass production in the 3rd quarter of 2018. After the localization, the overall cost will drop. It is very large and can not only achieve the import and substitution of core components of the military business, but more importantly, it opens the possibility for the company to open an emerging civilian market, and accelerates the process of the company's infrared consumer thermal consumerization. Zhang Yan said.

Some investors asked about the company's formulation of 'infrared ecosystem' and 'platform strategic objectives'. Huang Li said: 'High-precision technologies and high-performance products can only be used to maximize their value in practical applications. . '

In the emerging civilian field, the company relied on the achievements in the core devices, with open strategic thinking, independent research and development of technology and products and other companies to create an infrared ecosystem, and promote the wide application of infrared thermal imaging technology in many fields. The establishment of the company's related platform will be completed in the middle of this year. This will also be one of the profit growth points in 2018. The company's exploration in the field of civilian products is about to enter the harvest period.

On the same day, under the leadership of the staff, the reporter went to the company's showroom to visit the high performance uncooled infrared detector and its movement, mercury cadmium telluride medium wave refrigeration detector, superlattice longwave refrigeration detector and its movement, wafer body Packaging chipsets and other specialty products, 'You see that this is less than the size of the fingernail chip, to go through a rigorous manufacturing process, which is also our success in conquering the technical difficulties after the results. 'The side of the interpreter told reporters that this also shows High German infrared uphold the 'open' attitude and the 'core' with the concept of cooperation.