Carpoly Water-based Paint Usage | Carpoly Waterborne Paint Technology Advantage

Choosing paint during the renovation is also a problem we have to face. And when purchasing paint, many consumers will also ask what brands of paint will be better. About Jiabao Li water paint is also a well-known brand, we are What is the method of use when using Garbo Water-based paint? Let's take a look at the relevant introduction.

Carpoly water-based paint use method

1, grassroots processing

We can first remove the ash, scum and other debris on the surface of the decoration by means of a scalpel. If there is oil on the surface, clean it with detergent and water, and then dry it, then clean it with a brown brush. After the surface is cleaned, use water. The SG 821 putty is adjusted to a suitable consistency with a diluted solution of vinyl acetate latex (10:1 ratio), and it will be filled with palisade, honeycomb, holes, and incomplete parts. After the putty is dry, the trowel will be cut with a knife. The excess putty spatula is smoothed, and then polished with coarse sandpaper;

2, middle coating construction

We use a hand-held electric mixing gun to stir and mix the paint before use. If the consistency is large, it can be diluted with fresh water. However, the amount of water must be the same each time, and it must not be dilute. Then, pour the paint into the tray and paint it with the paint. Brush the material for the first pass. The roller should be brushed horizontally and then rolled up longitudinally to drive the paint off. Coat the paint. The order of roll-rolling is generally from top to bottom, from left to right, first from far to near, The corners and corners, small face after the big face. Thick and uniform requirements, to prevent excessive paint flow drop.

During the renovation process, the roller cannot be covered with the inner corner. It must be filled with a brush and must not be smeared. Remove the roller hairs on the wall at any time. Avoid overlapping brush trails, and contaminate other areas. The paint should be wiped clean with clean water in time. After the first coat of intermediate paint is applied, it is generally required to dry it for more than 4H before it can be polished. Then, it is polished with fine sandpaper, and it must be light and smooth when grinding, and it must not be ground. Wear a coating, clean the surface of the mill.

3, Surface coating

Since the base material, tooth period, alkalinity, and degree of drying are different, test spray should be performed on the partial wall beforehand to determine the compatibility of the base layer and the coating, and at the same time determine the appropriate coating amount; Finlay paint latex paint Shake the container well before use to make it fully mixed. Then open the container and stir it thoroughly with a wooden stick. When spraying, the mouth should always be kept perpendicular to the decorative surface (especially at the inside corner). The distance is about 0.3-0.5M. (Adjusted according to the size of the decoration surface), the nozzle pressure is 0.2-0.3MM2. The spray gun advances in a zigzag shape, and it is crossed horizontally and vertically.

Jiabao Li water paint technology advantages

1. Garbo Paint's chief is paint, its children's paint and seaweed paint. Garboli's children's paint is also the only paint product in China that can provide a full set of children's environmental protection special paints. The Garboli algae mud wall paint The most important feature is the selection of seaweed mud which is thousands of times stronger than bamboo charcoal purification performance as a raw material. It can not only purify the odor like bamboo charcoal, but also has the pollution that bamboo charcoal cannot achieve.

2. During the fifteen years of exploration, Garbo's water-based paint has been changing healthily and environmentally but its construction performance is relatively weak. The construction of 'hydrophilic cross-linking technology' has resulted in rapid construction. One of the changes, but Carpoly's pursuit of water-based paint did not stop at this one technology.

The above is the question of how to use Garbo lacquer for Xiaobian. In fact, the paint must use certain methods and methods when using it. In that case, the effect will be better. We also see the waterborne paint of Carpoly. There are many technological advantages. We also introduced some for everyone. We hope to help everyone.