Triple surprise music is not stopped | TCL refrigerator washing machine join hands and enjoy the quality of life

Produced by a happy twister, the super IP of "Li Cha's Aunt" on the double screen of popular movies and dramas landed on the Hefei Anhui Grand Theater on May 5. The day of the performance, not only the drama itself was contracted for a full day of laughter, but also the TCL refrigerator. The triple surprises brought by the washing machine will also be enjoyed endlessly! As an innovative partner of this drama, TCL refrigerator washing machine not only implanted its products into the plot, but also set up exciting interactive theatrical productions and products. , It also provided the audience with the chance to 'close contact' with the characters of the drama. The triple surprise presents a wonderful drama experience, and enjoys a good quality of life together with the TCL refrigerator.

Intensive Innovation Collaboration Builds a strong contextual fusion of products and drama

The seemingly niche drama performance is causing public concern, gradually forming a stable mass market. Compared with other art forms, the performance of the drama is more tension and immersion is stronger, which also makes the drama a favored form of brand marketing. I. In 2015, TCL launched several popular jokes and dramas to open the curtain of drama marketing. In 2017, TCL Refrigerator Washing Machine held the “Shakespeare Don’t Get Angry”, to pay tribute to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Chinese drama. Give the audience a special drama art feast.

This year, TCL Refrigerator Washing Machine joined hands with Happy Twist "Lee Tea's Aunt" and began to burst into laughter. Not only did it integrate the product into the story, but also integrated the product with drama scene innovations to build a new experience of smart health products. Set up an 'interactive theater' to allow the audience to experience the innovative drama culture while immersively experiencing the product innovation strength of TCL's refrigerator washing machines, using drama as a bridge to allow users to have close contact with TCL refrigerator washing machines through interactive experiences. Strengthen consumer brand image of TCL refrigerator washing machine for a healthy life and innovative products.

Deep ploughing of consumer demand Upgrading of products to the development of the industry

The TCL refrigerator washing machine teamed up with Li Tea's aunt. Through the combination of the two, it aims to bring the happiness brought by the drama to the consumers, and at the same time, it shows that the TCL refrigerator washing machine continues to innovate for consumers. The wisdom of health. With TCL anti-pollution drum washing machine and TCL integrated variable cross four door air-cooled refrigerator as the representative of the TCL refrigerator washing machine innovative products, is to the user's healthy life as the core, for the user's family life to provide a healthy 'home' speed.

As a pioneer in pollution-free washing machines, TCL washing machines ploughed out consumer demand, continuously innovated in technological upgrading products, and helped the development of the industry. In 2018, TCL Washing Machine upgraded its 'free of pollution' to a 'free pollution+' strategy. 2018 China The sub-district channel business took the lead in achieving product-line-free decontamination, and promoted pollution-free shared washing machines into the campus to care for the health of students. This year, it stopped investing in the development of non-polluting washing machine products. By 2020, it will stop production. Contaminated washing machines, providing health care for more users with contaminant-free washing machines, and creating 100% free of pollution and health care. Through the continuous upgrading of product technology, TCL washing machines create a healthy 'non-fouling home' for users. ', To provide users with a full range, full-process, life-span of the pollution-free system, a number of 'free from pollution +' technology innovation, to bring users a more intelligent, clean, convenient laundry experience, enhance the quality of modern life.

In the field of refrigerators, TCL refrigerators continued to plow deeper into its first integrated variable frequency air cooling technology. In 2018, TCL Refrigerator fully upgraded its smart and healthy 'air-cooled +' product brand strategy. In 2018, TCL Refrigerator's exclusive AAT Smart Decontamination System will More than 250L of new products are widely available, 100% of all new products are equipped with antibacterial door seals and antibacterial handles; By 2020, TCL refrigerators will strive to achieve a healthy refrigerator sales ratio of 70%. Through product core technology innovations, TCL refrigerators lock fresh ingredients from ingredients. Fresh and nutritious health, for users to create everything from shopping to food storage, three meals a day full chain of wisdom and healthy life.

In the area of ​​refrigerators and washing machines, TCL has always adhered to the spirit of pragmatic and innovative. With more and more products, it has brought more enjoyable quality of life to consumers. It has become an inevitable choice for a healthy life. This early summer, together with the comedy drama Li Tea "Aunt", TCL refrigerator washing machine will use excellent products, along with laughter into thousands of families, so that consumers enjoy the quality of life.