TCL joins in a happy twist "Aunt Li Tea" burst into laughter!

What troubles are you seeing that a happy twister can't solve it? There's an amazing baggage, there's also a comedy-clad comedy scene, The actor on the stage doesn't even speak, You smile! On May 5th, the Hefei Anhui Grand Theater is full of seats With continuous laughter and applause, TCL Refrigerator Washing Machine joins hands with the Happy Twist Team's annual masterpiece “Lee Tea Aunt” to stage a hilarious laugh, giving the local audience an interactive and entertaining, full-feeling, hilarious comedy drama and feast. Audiences immersed themselves in different drama lives, allowing the public to feel the beauty of the drama more closely and interact intimately with consumers, allowing viewers to experience zero-distance brand-new products that are healthy and innovative, and constantly strive to present healthy living experiences.

In the stage, the TCL refrigerator washing machine dialogue drama implants vividly, vividly implanted scenes, fitting scenes, closely related to the personality of the characters, so that this drama scene is more of a taste of life, the audience is no longer a passive acceptance of the play The isolated product is exposed, but it enjoys an overall cinematic experience with drama as the core and brand interaction as a seasoning. In addition to the plot, TCL refrigerator washing machines prepare multiple interactive sessions for the audience, and the performance and experience of ice wash products. Through the various interactive sessions, this drama activity has become more sentimental. From activity signing to interactive sessions to performances, interesting and unexpected immersive interactive activities have greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the audience. Causes the audience to scream.

In addition, consumers have also experienced the latest TCL refrigerator washing machine products directly in the on-site product display area. They both have deepened their impression of the product and enhanced their brand trust.

Focus on innovative spirit to bring extraordinary new experiences

The hilarious stage drama "Lee's Aunt" was adapted from Broadway's classic comedy "Charlie's Aunt" to infuse the soul of Chinese comedy into the classics. Through the original good story + the original good bag, it shows the best Broadway adaptations, deducts money, and lies. Misplaced life caused. Unlike the traditional happy comedy comedy, in addition to the sharp lines and laughter that Twist consistently excels at, the complicated character relationships in the play, clever drama conflict and storytelling are also open to the eye, making people feel refreshed. The ingenious scenery and props have greatly increased the charm of Li Tea's aunt, and the maximization of space has never been seen before in the drama of the past. In less than a year, the amazing performance of 300 performances! 27 seats The city, becoming a humorous choice for hundreds of thousands of viewers, is precisely the spirit of this pursuit of innovation, which has given the audience such a hilarious visual feast.

The TCL refrigerator washing machine has been adhering to the concept of 'pragmatic innovation' for a long time to focus on the practical needs of users, product and technology innovation, but also constantly explore new models of interaction with consumers through the product practical scene, the ultimate product experience and target user groups Conduct interactive communication to innovate for a healthy life, bringing the ultimate healthy living experience.

The TCL refrigerator washing machine and the play “Li Cha's aunt” also carried out deep cooperation because of a high degree of cooperation with the drama's innovation core. TCL washing machine is a bid to bid farewell to the secondary pollution problems that have plagued users for many years in the washing machine industry. It took three years to break through the traditional technical barriers. Changed the internal structure of traditional washing machines, pioneered a brand new category of pollution-free washing machines, launched pollution-free washing machines, dust-free drum washing machines, and barrel-free washing machines in a contaminated drum in order to lead innovations in technological innovation and completely solve laundry problems. The secondary pollution problem has become the founder of the free filthy system solution, the developer of the standard for non-polluting washing machines, and the first professional certificate winner of the China Light Industry Federation, practicing the great spirit of dare to dare to dare to adhere to the corporate spirit. Brand; In March 2018, the brand strategy was fully upgraded to 'no pollution +' and a new 'no pollution +' technology innovation and upgrade to achieve 100% health and stain-free laundry, allowing users to regenerate every time their clothes are washed. The ultimate laundry experience.

Dramas require superb performance skills and a full range of coordinating strengths from the director, screenwriter, stage lighting to the actors' continuous trial and error and adjustment, so as to present a wonderful performance without NG. Just as this kind of non-NG super requirements Strength, TCL refrigerator also insisted on using technological innovation to solve the pain points of users, not only stop fresh, but also proposed food ingredients health management program. Lasted three years, the first integrated one-way air-cooled technology, launched a series of integrated variable frequency air-cooled refrigerators, March 2018 Upgraded to smart and healthy 'air-cooled +' strategy, new 'air-cooled +' technology upgrade, not only focused on fresh food storage, but also focused on intelligent food storage, providing users with the best health storage solutions, bringing non-NG Full-space, full-chain health living experience.

Deep innovation cooperation Save all unhappy

Why the industry-leading TCL ice wash products work together with classic drama? The answer is, only to save your life! Modern fast-paced life makes many people stress, high pressure life needs a comedy comedy to relax. Since the drama was born Since then, it has resonated with the changing times of the times, along with social life, 'do not forget the beginning of the heart, make high-quality comedy, bring joy to the audience' is a happy twist 14 years has been insisted on, to save the public unhappy life. The TCL refrigerator washing machine, which has been deeply conscious of the deep needs of consumers, is constantly exploring, constantly solving the pain points of users through product innovation, serving the needs of a healthy life, bringing a new high-quality lifestyle to consumers, and saving the public from living a healthy life.

The drama “Aunt Li Tea” interprets a money through innovative methods. The misplaced life caused by lies, and TCL refrigerator washing machine uses innovative technology to make your healthy life good. TCL pollution-free washing machine, to prevent secondary pollution of laundry , While achieving 100% free pollution, it also carries out a series of technical upgrades according to the current special needs of users, achieving 40 minutes of extreme speed washing and drying, 50°C low temperature drying, 12KG large capacity washing space, and 45 dB washing. Mute, and 1 + N exclusive laundry space and other innovative technologies, to create the ultimate comfortable laundry experience, bring a healthy quality of life, so healthy and clean.

TCL Refrigerator is a one-piece inverter air-cooled technology innovation that achieves a 1-minute, 2-minute quick cooling of food ingredients, quickly achieves quick-freeze lock freshness, and locks the authenticity of ingredients. Unique AAT negative oxygen ion rejuvenation technology, the entire space is permanently available. The four functions of release, dedusting, deodorization, sterilizing, and fresh-keeping are integrated, achieving a water-locking rate of 90% for fruits and vegetables for 7 days, removing 91.17% of E. coli, and providing 360° complete fresh care for food; Space partition exclusive, wet and dry zone, 3°C mother-to-infant zone, -1 degree fish freshwater lock zone and other special food storage area, to meet the special needs of user-specialized comfort life, so that a healthy and healthy life.

Differentiate Marketing to Promote a New Lifestyle

In recent years, as the products continue to refine, the TCL brand continues to exert its power in marketing. In 2015, TCL began to create an industry first, combined with happy twist "Charlotte trouble", "shame of shame," "Shakespeare do not angry" Such classic dramas opened the curtain of drama marketing, and devoted themselves to the popularization and promotion of drama culture, bringing a big sensation. In addition to using interactive drama and consumer communication, TCL title CCTV CCTV1 "big country brand", exclusive crown In the fourth quarter of the season, “Huang Xiaochu’s Spring, Summer and Winter”, she continued to cooperate with the Hollywood Super IP cross-border including “Justice League” and renewed the Chinese men's basketball team and CBA. He signed the new generation artist Ma Tianyu as the global brand spokesperson and signed football. Famous star Neymar is the global brand ambassador. The drama activity is not only the great country brand TCL's inheritance and innovation of the Chinese drama culture, but also the TCL brand in a multitude of tactics, the pursuit of differentiated product brand marketing on the road to a new step, is the TCL refrigerator. Washing machine enriches a form of deep communication with the public. With this drama activity, TCL refrigerator washing machine enables users to communicate face-to-face products. Interactive experience, to show users the visual scene of product experience, by way of light entertainment show for the public comfort, high quality of life, promotion of a healthy lifestyle for healthy living home speed.

The encounter with a drama is not only a joyful experience, but also filled with laughter. It is also possible to bring the excellent quality of TCL refrigerators to millions of households. With the rejuvenation of the TCL brand and the diversification of products, TCL refrigerators are also With the help of dramas and accurate audiences, it will gradually promote user iteration and establish a new brand image. In the future, TCL refrigerator washing machines will continue to use the ultimate pursuit of the drama in product development, production, services and other aspects, and strive to present to users. High quality of life, speed for healthy living home.